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To complete the task at hand. the project team will utilize the project management life cycle to ensure the projects forward movement. This cycle promotes an organized manner in which to keep the project within the time scope, budget scopes, and facilitates fluid processes to harness risks and make appropriate decisions based on research, analysis, and proper process usage. This cycle includes five phases: initiating the project, planning the project, executing the plan, monitoring and controlling aspects of the project, and closing the project. In the following outline, a more in-depth background of how these processes will assist and promote the success of the team and specific tasks and budgeting constraints. A thorough description of how the project will be initiated will be discussed, along with a project plan for moving the data center with budget and time constraints considered.
An inclusive plan is developed that incorporates the five process areas as well as the nine knowledge areas. These knowledge areas include: project integration, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resources management, communications management, risk management, and procurement. In addition, a description of how the team will monitor and control the plan after execution and the methods that may be utilized to close the project will be reviewed. To follow, there will be a work breakdown structure (WBS) to visualize the contextual information described.
Initiating the project is the start of a project to build a successful end with a goal to describe the project, selection criteria, create a strategic plan, and historical information. The output of initiating the project is a project proposal, which has previously been accomplished, and identifying the project manager. (Introduction to Project Management:
Processes, Tools, & Techniques., n.d.).
As the newly hired Project Manager (PM) for Fiction Corporation the organization has tasked the PM and project team with several requirements to be fulfilled within a 30-day time period and a budget of $500,000. The team is comprised of ten Project Management Professional (PMP)-certified project managers that have successfully accomplished projects that include: wiring closets, data center moves, wireless, network upgrades, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) deployments. The background knowledge in project management and the experience of the team will assist in success towards Fiction Corporations objective to initiate, plan accordingly, execute properly, monitor and control, and close the project as requested. Fiction Corporations goal is to move the primary data center operations to a new headquarters building, upgrade the network, correct any security flaws, and accomplish this without interruptions in the current 24 hour operations. The Corporation is comprised of 10,000 employees and 500 retail outlets that depend on the consistency of operations.

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1251 words - 5 pages project has a committed project team with a good project manager. The project team creates an organized, well-planned approach. The project is carried out and concluded with a balance between time, resources, and scope, with the results giving the customer satisfaction.ReferenceErnst, D. (2007). Project management: the context for success. Retrieved June 29, 2008 fromURL (2008). Every project plan is a triangle. Retrieved June 28, 2008 from URL (2008). Project life cycle. Retrieved June 29, 2008 from URL