Project Management Manual: A Summary Essay

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Project Management is the term used for managing a task that is within a specific budget and a, usually strict, time frame and involving cross functional teams. That's to say, a project should have a "unique set of activities meant to produce a defined outcome within an established time frame using specific allocation of resources". Time, results and resources being the 3 components of which a trade off is usually needed between them.The process of project management usually starts with Defining and organizing, followed by the Planning phase and ending by tracking and managing.I. Define and Organize the Project:It's the first step of project management and it involves identifying the objectives, the team involved and the means as to how the objectives are to be attained. Several steps are involved at this stage; among them are:- Establish the project organization:At this step, all responsibilities are clearly stated and assigned accordingly to each team and to each project member. Here a project team roster is made which is a table showing details of each member and their roles in the project.- Define the project parametersAt this step, a Project Objective Statement (POS) that defines the project scope, schedule, and resources needs. The key actions to achieve this is to write a project objective statement, to list the major deliverables and last but not least, to generate an Is/Is Not list for each of the deliverables.- Plan the project framework:The key elements for this step is agree on meeting management procedures, mange issues using an official log while having a specific place to store them and a person responsible for it. Finally is to have a communication strategy.- Assemble project definition and document:This is the last step in defining and organizing the project where a Project Definition Document is created to be used as a reference through out the project life.II. Plan the ProjectThis is the core of project management where most of the work takes place and of course, naturally, most of the tension as well that rises from the concerns of finishing on time and within budget. This step is compromised of the following stages:- Develop the Work Breakdown structure:In the work breakdown structure (WBS), which is as its name suggest is a breakdown of all the work needed to accomplish the objectives of the project. It can either be done through a top down or a bottom up approach.- Develop the schedule:Follow a "systematic" process to come...

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