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The life cycle of the project is to describe the various stages of the project from start to finish the experience , the most common is to divide the project into " identify needs, propose solutions , the implementation of the project , the end of the project ," four stages. The actual work further classified according to the different specific areas or different methods. In the process of running the project life cycle in different stages by different organizations, individuals , and resources play a major role.
When a client needs to be (willing to provide funds to enable demand to be met individuals or organizations ) identified , the project was born. For example, for an expanding family ...view middle of the document...

The entire life cycle of the project by the various stages of the project , each of the project phases are to complete the results of one or more working as a symbol .
Four phases of the project life cycle
Confirm Phase 1 of the project life cycle involves needs, problems or opportunities can lead to personal customers , project team or organization ( Order of approximately providers ) seek request for proposals in order to achieve the recognized needs or solve problems. Specific requirements are usually called by the client in an RFP (request for proposal, RFP) document where noted. Through the RFP, the customer can ask about personal or transferee to submit an application on how to solve their problems in a cost and schedule constraints . A couple of the need for a new house , it may take time to confirm the requirements of the house - size, style, style , number of rooms , location , the maximum amount of money they can budget for drugs and they want to move into a date , they might write under these requirements, then ask about several order of the providers are providing housing plans and cost estimates. An upgrade of its computer system as the demand for the company may be the way to put it to RFP requirements with documents confirm down and the documents were sent to several computer consulting firm. However, not all cases have a formal RFP. If a single individual among a group convened meetings or lectures People usually very casually defined requirements. Some people may be asked to prepare a voluntary or application to determine whether the project by its commitments and to meet the demand. Such conditions may be based hospital management hospital employees want to build a local children 's day care center , the management team or a manager might write down these requirements in the document , to an internal project team , and the internal the project team will submit a report on how to build an application care centers . In this case, the order of the quotient is the hospital about their own internal project team , the customer is the manager of the hospital or perhaps the board. Determining a proper requirement is very important. For example , a requirement to provide a body to the care center , or a hospital designed to provide child care for the children of employees ? " Local" is an integral part of it needs ?

The first two phases of the project life cycle , is proposed to solve the needs or problem. This phase will result in a person or more people , the organization ( its commitments providers ) submit an application to the client , they want customers to pay them compensation in the future and the successful implementation of the solution. At this stage, Cheng 's about trying to be very important. Re RFP for interested suppliers to acceptance , it may take a few weeks to propose a solution to the problem , and estimate the types of resources needed , the number of solutions designed to perform the time it takes to . Each order...

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