Project Management Techniques And Life Cycle Model

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Project Management techniques and life cycle modelExecutive SummaryThis report is prepared to analyst and review the project management techniques and life cycle model being used in the office relocation project of Union Apparel International, a fast growing garment manufacturer in Hong Kong. The office relocation project is aimed to provide a large office area integrated with modern showcase and new technology to facilitate the grow of the company.The report is structured to describe and illustrate the mentioned project by defining what is a project. Analysing the project life cycle of the project including initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing process.Furthermore, the report illustrates what life cycle models are suggested by the theory, how the project is change from one phase to the next, the significant activities in each stage of project and the outcome of each stage.At the conclusion, the report illustrates the importing findings in achieving a project success.Table of ContentsExecutive Summary 21 Introduction 42 Project Background 53 Project Life Cycle 63.1 What is a project? 63.2 What is a life cycle and how can a project have a life cycle? 63.3 Suggested life cycle model 73.4 How many stages or phases does the project seem to have? 83.4.1 Stage 1 - Initiation 83.4.2 Stage 2 - Planning 83.4.3 Stage 3 - Executing 93.4.4 Stage 4 - Controlling 103.4.5 Stage 5 - Closing 103.5 What represents the change from one phase to the next? 113.6 Significant activities and Outcomes 124 Conclusion 13References 14List of FiguresFigure 3.1 Typical Project Cost and Staffing Levelacross the Project Life Cycle 7Figure 3.2 Time schedule of the Project 9Figure 3.3 Project Plan Outline 9Figure 3.4 Project Management Process presenting the changefrom one phase to the next 11IntroductionThis report is prepared to analyst and review the project management techniques and life cycle model being used in the office relocation project of Union Apparel International.The report is structured to describe and illustrate the mentioned project by the definition of project management and project life cycle. Also, a review conclusion is also include at the end of the report.Project BackgroundUnion Apparel International (UAI) is a fast growing garment manufacturer located in Hong Kong with a strong partnership connection with some international brand companies like Closed, Paul Smith, Levis and Tad Baker. There was just only 5 staffs when UAI is started in 2000, including Philip Law, managing director of UAI. With the rapidly grow in business, UAI now have more than 25 staffs and 3 office in separate locations.And all the staffs are suffering a problem that they have to move in between different locations for daily operation and meetings. Also, there is no space as a showcase to present their new product to their business partners. Philip realized that the problem could affect the operation and also the grow of the company. So, he dedicated Connie, senior...

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