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Project Management Of The Nhs System In Uk. Mega Project, Failure, Why ?

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CONTENTS3IntroductionWhat the project is talking about? 4How the project fits into Project Management? 5Deliverables and milestones 5Deliverables 5Milestones 6Stakeholders analysis 7Technical requirement 9Project Budget 10Expenditures: 10Benefits: 10Limitations of the project and risks 11Project Process 12Project Initiation 12Project Planning 12Project execution 12Control 12Conclusion 13Recommendation 13References 14IntroductionIn 1948, the National Health Service was launched in the United Kingdom. This organisation provides all the different health care: in Hospital, GPs, the long health care and the dental care. It is totally financed by the government by a tax payment. The NHS is including in the British society. Indeed, an ex-minister of economy, Nigel Lawson, said that NHS is like a "national religion".In this report we will talk about the "£12 billion NHS computer scheme project." Firstly we will do a presentation of the NHS project. Then we will demonstrate that its project is a real project management and a mega project.What the project is talking about?In June 2002, Ministers launched a 10-year National Health Service programme for IT. This programme was the opportunity to reform the system of NHS. Indeed before the project idea, the patient must go to the GPs to have a prescription. Then the patient went to the pharmacist with his prescription and took his medicines. The project establishment talked about the centralisation of all the data services. For example, the patient doesn't need to have a paper prescription to have his medicines by the pharmacist. The GPs sent the prescription in the IT system of NHS and every doctors, hospital or pharmacist can have access to his prescription. Like that if people have an accident, the doctors can have access at all the patient's folder. The patient's clinical record is available in the England by all the personal of health care. X-Rays, prescriptions and appointments are also available on the IT service. So this project was launched to improve the quality of patient care and the services. Patient doesn't have to worry about his health care.From our knowledge, this project was a very interesting idea but Ministers didn't work on all the problems. They didn't ask to the Hospitals, to the GPs and other medical Personal if the project admits them. Medical Personal in general are busy and don't have time to scan and send any files to an IT system. So the project failed in part for this reason.To establish the project, they also need to have providers. But in fact, they didn't have a lot of providers. They waste a lot of money because of the numbers of providers but also because of the lot of delays in their schedule.This project has made a lot of damage because of the medical secrecy. All medical personal have access to patient's folder even if they dismissed. With this project the medical secrecy is broken. British people was fed up with the government because they pay many tax for the...

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