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Project Management Plan Essay

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1. Project Scope

1.1 Project Name

The name of this project is Stock Feed West Finance Application.

1.2 Project Description

Stock Feed West is a stock feed store that employs over 150 people over a chain of stores. To increase their financial efficiency, they need a customized finance application that should include at a minimum payroll, debtors, creditors, BAS calculation, bank reconciliation, stock control, business reports etc. The main goals and objectives for this project management plan are: -

Ensure that end users have input in the design process.

Accomplish the project business goals and objectives within the defined budget and time parameters.

Ensure that all project related deliverables are benchmarked for quality assurance.

The expected duration for project completion is 10 months. The approximate project budget is $180,000.

1.3 Project team

Varun Sethi - Project Manager

Prasun De - Content Provider

Jagwinder Singh - Document Writer

Sandeep Singh - Research Specialist

The project team also includes all the key stakeholders.

1.4 project management deliverables

The project management deliverables are: -


Deliverable Name


Project Charter

Kick Off Meeting Minutes

Scope Statement


Scope Statement

Work Breakdown Structure

Gantt Chart

Organizational Chart

Risk Assignment Matrix

Summary Budget

Risk Management Plan


Milestone Report

Change Requests

Weekly Status Reports

Weekly Team Meeting Minutes


Lessons Learned

1.6 list of definitions and acronyms

DCR Document Change Request

IEEE Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers

PMP Project Management Plan

QA Quality Assurance

RAM Responsibility Assignment Matrix

WBS Work Breakdown Structure

2. Project responsibilities

2.1 Project Roles




Project Sponsor

Ultimate decision makers.

Provide project oversight and direction.

Review or approve project elements.

Stock Feed West

Steering Committee

Responsible for major funding strategies.

Resolves conflicts and issues.

Provide directions to the Project Manager.

Review project deliverables.


Project Manager

Serves as a liaison between the steering committee and the project team.

Takes the overall responsibility of managing the project.

Motivates and directs team members to realize project goals and objectives.

Supervises the vendors and consultants.

Responsible for the project budget.


Subject Matter Experts

Lend expertise and guidance as needed.

Work on the project from beginning to end.

Prasun, Jagwinder & Sandeep.

2.2 Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)


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