Project Management Withing The United States Army.

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IntroductionThe future of today's army is dependent entirely on its ability to change as technology changes. A major technological and operational change that the U.S. Army is undergoing is its transformation into a light fighting force with the ability to quickly deploy smaller forces with greater fighting capabilities. This transformation into a light fighting force calls for the need of updated and improved uniforms for soldiers. One idea that is being considered for fielding is the wear of the black beret. This headgear is to be worn by all soldiers except those in an IET (initial entry training) status and those who serve in Airborne, Ranger, and Special Forces units.Mission and ObjectivesThe whole idea of the beret started with one man's vision. General Eric Shinseki saw the need for an updated headgear to be worn by soldiers of the new millennium. He wanted the headgear to promote unity within the army. That headgear was the black beret. Along with other key army officials, General Shinseki outlined what was needed in order to make his vision tangible. Financially, the army planned to spend $7.5 million to fill the order of having enough black berets for soldiers. Strategically, the army needed to find a company capable of filling the order of producing the berets.StakeholdersNow that his vision of a black beret wearing army has been adapted, GEN Eric Shinseki, the United States Army Chief of Staff, has to get the motors of his project up and running. Stakeholders needed to be identified and managed. Paying attention to stakeholders, both within and outside of the organization, is an important component when developing strategy. Understanding which stakeholders are likely to take notice of the intended strategy and what their particular support or sabotage processes may be, can yield valuable insights into possible management options. (Ackerman F. & Eden C., 2001)When identifying stakeholders, the project manager must take into account the development of project strategies. Usually, the influence of the stakeholders is directly supportive of the project strategies because the stakeholder is an important part of the project team. They have or claim rights, ownership, and/or interests in the activities of the project. Primary stakeholders are the person or groups that have a legal contractual relationship to the project. Secondary stakeholders are those who influence or are influenced by the project but not engaged in transactions with the project or are essential to the project's survival. Below is a model of the project stakeholders.In order to manage the stakeholders, GEN Shinseki delegated power to his project managers to:a.)Gather the stakeholders' information. His guidance was to follow the highest standards of ethical conduct in the gathering of this information.b.)Analyze and interpret the information. Once the information has been analyzed and interpreted, the stakeholders' mission can be determined.c.)Determine the mission....

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