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In contemporary business and science a project is defined as a collaborative enterprise, involving research or design that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. When we decide to implement a project, or for that matter, when we decide to do anything in life, whether it is going somewhere, doing something, building something or achieving something, we need to ask ourselves a number of different questions in order to carry out what we are hoping to do, some of these questions may include;

What are we trying to do?
When will we start?
What do we need?
Can we do it alone, or do we need help?
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?

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This means each module can be evaluated before it is passed on so there are no mistakes, whereas other projects may only stop and be reviewed at the end, by which time it may be too late for change and the project may need to start again.

Waterfall- This is an example of a project methodology which doesn’t stop and keeps flowing in the hope of a good outcome. It is usually set out so that certain teams are given a clearly set goal and deadline to meet, once complete the task is passed onto another team until completion. This can be a fast and effective method of working and can be a successful method if there is good client input from an early stage, but it has its downsides as it doesn’t allow for much control over change, once the project is complete it practically lands in the clients lap, by which point if there are any problems it may be too late to back track to an earlier stage and resolve them.

The System Development Life Cycle- This is a generic approach to project management and includes analysis of needs, concept, design, training, delivery and support. Although this is a very useful method when used in software engineering it is less relevant to a construction project. ***************************************

Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) - This methodology is a basic approach to project management, it consists of four main phases which are as follows; identifying and analyzing the problem, developing and testing the different solutions, measuring the effectiveness of the solutions and finding ways to improve them and then finally implementing the solution. *************

PRINCE2- This methodology stands to be one of the UK’s most favored methods of project management and argues that it in fact does fit all purposes of a methodology into one! It boasts to provide a quality outcome, defect perfections, recognizes and prioritizing risks and change. PRINCE2 methodology provides a very controlled and manageable solution to project management and seems to have very few relevant disadvantages when used correctly, definitely one worth considering.

There is a long list of methodologies to choose from, only a few mentioned above. The project manager will need to choose the methodology which is most appropriate for the given project and implement it effectively. Once an appropriate methodology has been chosen there are five stages of the projects life cycle in which all methodologies will follow to carry out the project, these will be initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion. Usually within a project each stage begins only when the previous is completed, although in some more traditional projects most commonly in the construction industry it is common for projects to go back to previous stages as the project is rarely subject to significant change, but in more contemporary approaches this may not be so relevant. It is common for a projects life cycle to be drawn as a diagram showing the stages of the project, this makes the...

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