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Project Plan Overview: Los Angeles County Dept Of Social Services

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Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services has been struggling to accomplish a well organized computer system that was supposed to minimize the work of the employees, minimize the consumption of paper, decrease the number of errors and make the service for the customer faster. The bid for a newer, innovative and technological system began at $1 million dollars in 1995 ( . Many contractors sought the opportunity to make the County's dream come true. In this paper, I will attempt to describe a proposed project that will enable the County to fulfill the need for a faster service, more accurate, cutting unnecessary paper work for the employees and the lowest possible cost.
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services has attempted to develop a computer system that will connect to Federal Systems, State and local integrated systems to cross reference individuals across the nation. Bidding for the project began in 1990 where 10 contractors were chosen to debate a better cost efficient computer system for the County. Some of the competitors involved Unisys, Maximus and other private entities. Unisys was chosen to pick up the challenge. The proposal promised to have the system up and running within 1 year, minimizing error, expediting document turn around and cutting paper work for the employees. Three years later it was discovered by an undeclared source that what had been promised was far a way from reality and remained just that a "dream". What began at $1 million dollars, had escalated to 7 million dollars in the period span of 3 years. What makes this more incredible is that Unisys was nowhere near finishing the compounding task after the promised year. Two years later Unisys wanted to relinquish the contract to his runner up but it was too late. Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services had already trained over 5,000 employees and 50 offices were scheduled to go up on line to test the system. The system was a night mare that created chaos for everyone. At the end of the project the County had used over $17 million dollars out of tax payer's money. The system was a total failure because it created confusion, more paper work (trouble tickets were written when the system failed to accept an entry) and management was forced to continue having the paper trail in order to ensure the employee and the customer were not at wrong.
The project I recommend is to implement different subcontractors that will do the paper work and all the data entry for the worker. This project will ensure quickness, accuracy, efficiency and less paper work for the employee. At the same time, it ensures that the customer will be happy when he/she receives his/hers benefits on a timely manner rather than having to wait for the worker to get to this customer's order and input the request in the system.
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services mission statement...

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