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Project Planning And Human Capital Essay

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Project Planning and Human CapitalMGT/437Project Planning and Human CapitalIntroductionTeam A has mapped out all of the phases and milestones to be met during the different building stages of the project. The project manager will report to the Chief Executive during the first milestone of the project which is the building of the first deck. The first deck is the focus point of how all the remaining decks will be built. This includes cost, time, manpower and any changes that will be needed. The executive manager along with the project manager put a plan in force to discuss communication management, the team selection process, project revisions and performance monitoring and how the two of them could remain on top of these decisions.Communication ManagementThe project manager is responsible for communicating with the team members and management. A project manager who communicates effectively can expect team members to understand the project and the roles in the project completion process more thoroughly than a project manager who does not communicate. The project manager is responsible for communicating the performance evaluation results to the Chief Executive Officer. The facilities manager of Memorial Hospital parking garage, however, does not communicate the performance evaluation results directly to the team members until after the Chief Executive Officer approves the project manager to do so.The project manager will communicate the performance evaluation results to management during different phases of the project. The project is going to take exactly one-week to finish; therefore, the executive manager has set up two phases of the project. During the meetings, the project manager will report the performance evaluations to inform him of the project successes in terms of meeting the completion deadlines for each of the deck building stages. Also during this meeting the project manager will review the budget with the executive manager to inform him of the current spending for the project during the first few days into the project. The project manager will also discuss with the executive manager any budget changes that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. The meeting will be held the day before the projects final completion to discuss the remaining phases of the parking garage and to discuss any changes in the budget. Literature and handouts will be passed out in the project review meeting.Team SelectionThe project organization structure selected for the Memorial Hospital parking garage is a pure project organizational structure. For this project, the facilities manager is going to be a project manager. The program manager, in a pure project organizational structure, maintains complete line authority over the entire project (Kerzner, Ph.D., 2009, p. 103). A pure project organization also works well to eliminate conflict because it is the program...

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