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Project Proposal PaperThe purpose of this paper is getting some experience in working with planning a project from start to end. It has decided to take on a huge project of planning to open a business. During this project, the team will be learning how to prepare the necessary documents needed for a project to succeed and staying within the project parameters.BackgroundBeing tired of working for a small wage and unreasonable work conditions Vanessa Fletcher, Tricia Wallace and Virginia Waugaman have decided to open a Medieval/Mystic Curiosity Shop. When on a vacation to Mackinaw City Michigan, a similar shop was visited and the comments from the customers within the shop were just amazing. When communicating with one of the shops owners the information gained was extraordinary. The owner informed Vanessa, Tricia and Virginia that there were two other stores that they had and were doing the same or more business than the one visited. After researching other similar shops the information gained was that this particular shop does well where tourist destinations that have unique shops. People will not go out of their way to find such gift shops so the shop will need to be where there will be a lot of foot traffic going in and out of stores. An area to place the shop has been agreed upon so finding the store within that area should be easily obtained.Business StakeholdersThe main stakeholders for Medieval/Mystic Curiosity Shop will be Vanessa Fletcher, Tricia Wallace and Virginia Waugaman. Other stakeholders for Medieval/Mystic Curiosity Shop will be the bank that helps fund the venture, vendors for the products that will be sold within the shop and customers. The customers are the ones that will make or break the business. Shops such as this one rely on satisfied customers and customers that have an interest in product that is sold within the shop.Project GoalsThere are several goals that need to be met to complete this project. One of the major goals of this project is to open the Medieval/Mystic Curiosity Shop prior to the high tourism season. This will guarantee a good flow of customers into the shop during the busy season. Another goal is to have all the equipment and merchandise shipped to the store in an appropriate timeline so that people are not tripping over boxes when trying to get other needed renovations to the shop need to be completed. Every element needs to be worked out to a reasonable period so that the shop can open up on time.Time FrameThe following time line needs to be followed in order for the shop to open in time. Multiple projects within the main project will be happening at the same time.•Location found and lease signed - 2 weeks.•Have all funding sources verified and checking account in place to pay bills - 1 day•Electricity and gas transferred into Medieval/Mystic Curiosity Shop name - 1 hour•Set up phone system for store - 1 hour•Business Insurance - 2 hours•Figure out an intercom system for...

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Project Proposal Essay

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