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Project Proposal: Designing A Castle Essay

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During the 12th century in the Middle East, a holy war was in progress between the Pope’s Knights Templars and Saladin’s forces. I have been commissioned by Saladin to create a fortress to not only defend against the Templars but as well as be the main base of operations during this war. In the Middle East, there are many prime locations to build a castle that will meet the demands set by Saladin, but the prime location would have to be in Syria, specifically in the mountainside town of Masyaf. One of the main reasons why I would construct this fortress there is because it is on the side of a mountain meaning there would be less paths to defend when the enemy attacks as well as many natural defenses at our advantage. Throughout this reports, we will have an analysis of the areas of battle, the breakdown of Templar forces as well as main advancements that we will have in our castle.
The Middle East was in the midst of many crusades during the 11th and 12th century. The main enemies of Saladin’s forces were King Richard I and the Knight’s Templars. The Knight’s Templars are known to be fearsome and skilled hand to hand knights, having both the knowledge to wield a sword accompanied by a shield, or a long broadsword. Bernard de Clairvaux once said in regarding the skill and dedication of a Templar was that “A Templar Knight is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armour of faith, just as his body is protected by the armour of steel” (Knights Templar, Wikipedia) .With this knowledge, they are not as effective at long ranges, meaning we will not need to bolster our defences to heavily fortify our archers. Also since the Templars are mostly melee warriors, they are required to wear heavier armour than most of our troops giving our troops an advantage because we will be faster than them and with the cold weather, their metal will be more brittle making our archers more effective. By having a mountainside castle, the Templars will have limited choices of paths to take when trying to advance, while we can easily set up traps and ambushes causing them to tread slowly during the winter months, making them slower, colder and have a lower morale.
One of the prominent leaders that will be attempting to take the castle will be Richard I; leader of the English forces with the assistance of the Templars. This prominent military leader is ruthless in battle and has the power to take hold of many locations that are key to winning the holy war. Our main objective when making this castle is to make sure that this will be our main stronghold of power and prominence, and to make it incredible if not impossible to overtake. While we make designs to have various escape routes and ambushes, we want to make sure we choose a place where his troops will have trouble reaching and when they do, their options of advancing are limited. Since Richard I is a fearsome warrior...

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