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The humans are always aiming for the zenith, no matter how hard it seems to achieve the target, but the zest, will power, capability, sagacious nature and determination has developed uncanny habit for the humans to hit the bull's eye. The technology has transformed the lives of human beings as the quality of life has improved and the new avenues are always at the disposal of the humans. The ancient times, when the mankind was lacking any formalized technological structure, even then the marvels of humans speak out for its glory. The Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Egypt is collective effort of human toil and brain. What distinguishes these ancient artifacts? One thing could be said that these are of utmost quality. It is the quality of these marvels which has helped them to with stand the onslaught of time. Thus quality is the pivotal factor which has been part and parcel of humans and always the attaining of the highest quality has made the humans to work for the glory.

Even now the quality is the one of the top most priority of the human beings. One of the aspects of the good quality helps the humans to thrive in these days cut throat competition. The company which is able to provide the best quality will survive in the market and gain good bucks. The quality in construction, manufacturing, engineering fields and in any aspect of the human lives demands the planning right from the preliminary stage of the project. Thus the quality and projects work in unanimity for the better deals for the humans.


Stylusinc. (2003) highlights the definition provided by Project Management Book of Knowledge for Project Management as 'Project Management (P.M) is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from the project'. Thus, P.M is the process which looks out using all the resources and commodities of the entire organization to get the best results out of the project. It is one of the important concepts in the industry these days which helps out for the best output.

Project Management encompasses the different attributes which includes Initiation and definition, Teams, Communication, Risk, Configuration, Quality, Time, Costs and Processes. Thus every aspect of the Project Management looks out for the specific target and helps in getting the optimum output from their respective area. Among all these aspects, quality is the pivotal one. No matter how fast one makes the product, even if the product is less than the budget (Cost) or Time, it is judged by its quality. Thus quality plays an important role in getting the things moving for the company. The organization which is able to give the best quality products are the leaders in the market and always flourishing.

The teams play another important role for the success in the organization. The dedicated teams which work in unison help to mould out the best from the...

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