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Pepsi Cola International

Pepsi Cola Company includes in beverages industry. Pepsi Cola international is well reputed multinational company which is doing its business in almost every country of the world. The company is registered in New York stock exchange U.S.A. to make a better control over the business the company has given the manufacturing rights to different companies. Now these companies are producing the products on the behalf of the company by using their trademark. To maintain their goodwill in the market the company has a strict policy while granting the manufacturing rights Pepsi-Cola have standardized products all over the world (e.g, same in size, shape and quality). The franchises have to follow all the standards as given by the company. Even they have the mobile team, which check the company after 2 or 3 months. Either company is producing products according to the standerds given by the Pepsi Cola international.

Shamim & company


Shemim & company was established in 1967 as a private limited company. It started its business in 1968. Allah Nawaz Khan Tareen (Ret. DIG) got licensee of 7-up franchise and was producing only one product, 7-up. But in 1973, it became Pepsi Cola franchise. Now a days MD of Shamim and Company is Allah Din Khan Tareen.


In Pakistan, at present shemim & company is the largest production unit out of these 11. Shamim & company covers the area of Southern Punjab which consist of Multan, Bahawalpur, Bahwalnagar, Dera Ghazi Khan, Sahiwal, Khenewl, Rajan Pur, Mianwali and Layyah. The company is properly serving all these areas with quality products.

Mission Statement

"To earn profit by meeting the customers needs with quality products". Departments

For effective control & to serve these areas more properly the company has the following departments.

Production Department

This department is responsible for the production of the products according to the requirements of the customers.

Administration & Personal Department

Administration & personal department deals with the overall matters of the company and takes different actions for increasing the performance of the company. This department also carries out different benefits programs.

Sales / Marketing Department

This department makes different efforts to increase the sales of the company by sponsoring different social programs and by advertising their products.

In marketing department, 6 regional sales manager, 19 divisional sales managers, 15 area sales manager, 90 sales officers and supervisor.

Finance Department

It deals with the financial matters of the company. It collect the revenues and makes different payments and maintain proper record of the financial performance of the company's business to show the net result in the form of either profit or loss.

General Manager


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