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The main lights dim, the runway lights flash on and the audience grows excited. The models backstage grow nervous as the audience starts to cheer. The models are about to show off a new line of clothing from a designer that will become the newest trend in fashion. But what is fashion? Many people think about models, the runway, New York and expensive clothing when they hear the word fashion. But fashion is much more than that. Fashion is clothing that defines who a person is, their likes and dislikes, their personality and most importantly their culture.
Clothing dates back to about 100,000-500,000 years ago. The first clothing was made out of animal hide and fur, vegetation and bones. This type of clothing was usually draped over people or tied on. It wasn’t until about 30,000 years ago that people realized they could use animal bone as a needle to sew their clothing (The History of Clothing). Fashion changes over time due to economic and social changes. The most dramatic changes took place during the 8th and 11th century because these were the times when sophisticated clothing came about. As the textiles became more impressive so did the clothing. The clothing became more sophisticated and stylish as the materials became more specialized throughout the years (cite). Cultural clothing did not come about as fashion progressed it was the reason fashion came about. When clothing first started to appear you could tell a lot about the culture of the consumer. In the early days one could assume that the people were hunters and gatherers because they made their clothing out of animal hide, fur and bones.
Fashion is very important to people as it defines the cultures that they come from. One can tell a lot about a person and where they are from by what they are wearing. Every culture has its own fashion trends that define their beliefs and values. Muslim women are supposed to dress modestly, covering more body then the men. The law requires these women to wear hijab which is mosdest clothing ranging from headdress to the traditional burqa. The modest clothing protects the women from the men’s gazes (Mussap 122). The kimono is widely referred to as the national costume of Japan and is used for festive occasions in Japan. Once used to determine social class, the kimono has now become a symbol of "distinctive Japaneseness". The kimono represents the diligent and graceful manner of the Japanese woman. This representation came from geisha women...

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