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Project Team Creation Essay

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A team consists of a diverse group of team members that share the task of decision making and are tasked with solving problems and issues. The team's structure consists of a group and a leader who will promote teamwork and cooperation while providing the structure.
Teamwork begins with the collaboration of people from different disciplines. Each member has to demonstrate courtesy to each of his teammates and respect the views of one another. All participants must be willing to share their ideas, but remain open minded while listening to the others express their ideas and opinions even though they may be different from another team members. An open minded teammate can effectively criticize, ...view middle of the document...

Communication and direction must be clear in order to achieve goals that are set and to have a successful team. Creating the structure means to establish the size of the team and to create boundaries for the team. .
A team member is usually chosen based on their expertise, qualities, and what they can provide for the team. Selecting the right team members is important the right team member is a benefit to the entire team. A team member that is reliable and is someone who has good ideas and suggestions that he or she can bring to the group is a benefit to the project. Supporting the team is very important and helps keep a team together. Team members should always being open-minded and ready to listen to someone else's ideas not only his or her idea. All team members should not only support each other but also each others ideas. This also leads to opportunities for the whole team.
A part of any team based activity is conflict and the process of conflict resolution should be viewed as not only necessary but a mandatory task that is handled correctly will lead to positive outcomes for the entire team.
In order to achieve this level success, conflict resolution should be viewed as a win-win opportunity. Studies have shown that the way individuals deal with conflict can be characterized in three ways, avoidance, confrontation, and problem solving.
The first way one may deal with conflict is avoidance. Usually people do not like to make waves in the workplace so they just believe that if they ignore the problem the conflict will either take care of itself or will just go away. The problem with this type of method is that this decision is a...

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