Project Technical Feasibility Analysis

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Report of technical feasibility on Blu-ray

Work as a team, I was in charge of the Blue-ray technical feasibility analysis of the whole complex project.

Technical feasibility analysis involves a review of all factors that makes the product happen, until it leaves the original owner's control or until someone else takes financial responsibility for it.

Technical feasibility should be based on verifiable data and contain sufficient information, and analysis so that an evaluation may be made on the technical feasibility of achieving the levels of income or production that would be project in financial statements.

Technical Feasibility-Work break-down structure

Table/chart/diagram/image missing. Please download the Word document to view it.Technology and Equipment feasibility

1. What is Blu-ray Disc?

The Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a next-generation optical disc format for storing a large amount of data using a short wavelength blue laser to read and write.

The single largest feature of BD is its high-density data storage capacity of 25GB per layer on one sound.

This lets you store many hours of content, such as movies with HD resolution and high-quality music with loss-less audio compression.

2. Why is called Blu-ray Disc?

The laser beam that reads data from the new discs is blue instead of the red beam used for current DVDs and CDs. This new blue laser is at the heart of Blu-ray Disc Technology.

3. What are the planned formats for Blu-ray Disc?

BD-ROM - read-only format for software, games and movie distribution.

BD-R - write-once recordable format for HDTV recording and PC data storage.

BD-RE - rewritable format for HDTV recording and PC data storage.

Hybrid Disc (single-sided, triple-layer disc) - Can hold 25GB of Blu-ray Disc content and 8.5GB of DVD content (standard definition) all on one side of a disc. A hybrid disc containing 50GB of Blu-ray Disc content and 8.5GB of DVD content is currently in the works.

4. What is the storage capacity of Blu-ray Disc?

Single-layer can hold 25GB

Dual-layer versions of the discs can hold 50GB.

Capacity could be increased as additional layers are added - there have been announcements of 100GB (4 layer) discs and laboratory work is being conducted with a 200GB disc.

This added capacity makes more customer features and benefits possible in the future, which shows that Blu-ray is the format for the long term.

5. Will Blu-ray Disc require a cartridge?

No. A Blu-ray Disc has the same dimensions as a DVD and CD and, like its predecessors, does not require a cartridge. This makes it possible to create Blu-ray Disc products that are backwards compatible with CD and DVD, allowing for a seamless transition to the new technology. Likewise, the technology is perfectly suitable for integration in small form factor equipment, like notebook computers.

6. Does blu-ray Disc require an Internet connection?

No, do not need an Internet...

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