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Prolong Hours Proposal Essay

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Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) provides tutoring services through the Academic Assistance and Resource Center (AARC). The AARC provides academic aid and support, which can help any student who is struggling with a difficult subject. Tutors can assist students on homework and show students what they need to practice in order to understand a subject or skill, they help encourage higher levels of thinking, and increases ability to manage one’s own learning. One advantage of the AARC is that it gives students a peace of mind, knowing that a team of dedicated peers are available to help them at any time, when they need it. Fortunately, it saves a lot of grief and headaches, but requires a lot of a student’s time. Finding the time to get help is often a huge problem. The AARC does not provide extended hours to those who may need assistance in the early hours of the day. A potential solution, is for the instructors work in shifts. Although increasing tutoring hours maybe expensive, doing so would help promote retention, good grades, and motivation at SFASU.
Retention rates at SFASU are low. Even though enrollment is constantly increasing with first year students and transfer students. Graduation and retention rates have remained low. Students, do not begin college with the intention of dropping a course. Nor do they have the intention on transferring or leaving the university. At public Ph.D. granting institutions in the United States, approximately 22% of first-year college students do not return for their sophomore year (Morrow and Ackermann, 483).. Students leave a university for a variety of reasons like adjustment problems, uncertain goals, lack of commitment, inadequate finances, lack of student involvement, poor fit to the institution, and academic difficulty (Morrow and Ackermann, 483). With academic difficulty as a factor for low retention rates, we can infer that it could be resolved by giving the students the incentive to study and making instructing hours more available. Which gives students flexibility to improve their grades.
Getting good grades in college is important to most college students. Good grades gives students flexibility to change their majors, get more scholarships, and a good job after graduation. However, if a student does not have the flexibility to acquire assistance; then their grades often decline. Therefore, lengthening hours gives students more opportunities to acquire help at the AARC. Taking advantage of this, helps in many ways....

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