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Prominence Of Religious Violence In Today's World

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The reality of religious violence is prominent in our world today, and because this is true there has been a substantial impact on how religion is reflected on in our society. In this paper I will outline how the al Qaeda attack of 9/ 11 demonstrates religion as a force that is negative in society, and how the effects of 9/11 and religious violence can condemn religion as a whole.
The 9/ 11 attacks were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks launched by the Islamic terrorist group al Qaeda upon the United States in New York City and the Washington D.C. area on September 11, 2001. There were nearly 3000 casualties suffered as a result of 9/11. The casualties consisted of the people who occupied the four airplanes that were hijacked; the people in the world trade center, those on street level who died from falling debris, people at the pentagon, the hijackers, law enforcement officers, paramedics and many firefighters.
Al Qaeda perceived to be motivated by religious backing, as the former leader of al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, declared a holy war on America. As transcribed in a video message by Osama Bin laden, the motivation behind the attacks was to fight back against oppression of Muslims and restore freedom to their nation. Bin Laden further explained that his actions on 9/11 were a reply to the American presence in two of their holy lands. He stated he was defending his sanctuary.
This is an obvious example of how religion can be a force of bad in society. Violence in religion is not unique to al Qaeda, but has been prevent in religion though out history, and is usually hallmarked by religion attempting to uphold beliefs or to defend their faith. However, in my view, I believe that religious violence is inconsistent with the underlying values in religion, which are peace and good behaviour. The 9/11 attack can be said to be motivated by religion, but ended in destruction, murder, suicide and war. The 9/11 attack changed the way many people viewed Islam; many were quick to condemn Islam. Islam was looked at as a force of violence, and change the way many people viewed Muslims. However, 9/11 is just an example, although unfortunate, of how religion can be a force of bad. In reality, however, there are many Muslims that live in peace, and many aspects of religion that should be condoned instead of condemned.
The 9/11 attack can be said to condemn religion as a whole, as it can be argued that violence can often be motivated by religion. In a Journal entitled Recent Studies of Religion and Violence by John Walliss, he gives a review of different ways the broad question of religion and violence are looked at. In this article a book entitled Is Religion Killing Us Violence in the Bible and the Quran by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is discussed. Pallmeyer argues that a ``violence of God tradition lies at the heart of the Bible and the Quran`` , and that religiously motivated violence is the fault of the sacred texts, as they justify violence....

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