Promise And Challenge Of Distance Learning

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Since 2007, there have been developed to assist people with cognitive disability, the concept used in Europe with an Identification Card System. In 2011called the Special Needs Application Programming Interface (SNAPI) software a card or Smart ID card that has a record of a person's disability needs allows software to summon these preferences to change font size, screen and text color, speed of the computer or icon size on computers, which is great for those with cognitive impairments. Once the user is done with the computer and removes the smart card the computer system goes back to the original standard set up. This simple device will help students continue to develop and move forward in their educational goals.
“An on-line learner who has a hearing impairment or is completely deaf needs (and is entitled under U.S. law) to be able to access the same audio information that is available to non-disabled learners (Crow, 2008, p 52). Therefore, this means that the person's with a hearing problem needs everything to have some sort of subtext type so they can read it. Over six million of Americans that are hearing-impaired and the American Sign Language (ASL) offers courses in sign language and continuing educational programs. ASL language is a little different the standard English it does not use complete sentences. For example, when you speak, you would say; That skyline was beautiful yesterday versus in American Sign Language, it would translate as; Yesterday, skyline beautiful. Definitely, there are also programs that can translate spoken words into text. Moving captions that coincide with videos to appear as the slide, or multi-media played on the websites so that they can relate to what topic being discussed; this solved with a captioning to help people with Hearing impairments use the online course materials.
Distance learners also may have some sort of motor impairment. Crow (2008) suggest that, “designers of online learning materials should consider limiting the use of synchronous (real-time) chat-based assignments and limiting the use of games and simulation activities that require high degrees of motor dexterity” (p 53). A physical or motor impairment has a range of difficulties. Students with physical disabilities may require the use of braces, a cane, a wheelchair, or prosthetic limbs causes of muscular dystrophy, or a disease like multiple sclerosis. There are many other conditions, all of which can present accessibility challenges. Learners with limited use of their upper limbs such as their hands and others may not be able to use their hands at all do some conditional disease like arthritis or perhaps a loss limb of amputation. With the lost or no use of their hands, making use of a computer keyboards and mice would be difficult. Technologies use to range from mouth-sticks to eye-tracking devices that work in combination with straws when user puffs into the straw device to create mouse pointer to select words to type. There are also...

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