Promote Awareness Campaign On Obesity Among Malaysians

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Do you consider yourself as an obese? Do you know that if yours calculated Body Mass Index (BMI) is 30kg/m2 and above it is consider as an obese? Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of weight for height (Must & Anderson, 2006. p.590-594). The obesity problem is on the rise among Malaysians nowadays. Malaysian is one of the fattest countries in South-East Asia. The Malaysians population intake of energy in fats and sugar was increase by the statistics that can be obtaining from several Ministries for the last two decades. This is occurs due to the rising of fast food and the ‘westernization of global eating habit (Ismail et al, 2002, p.204). Several ways need to be taken to overcome the ...view middle of the document...

The social media those are suitable to be used to promote awareness campaign are through the radio, television, magazine, newspaper, internet and many more. The social media can be utilize maximally and affect the perception of people on obesity easily. For instance, the television can do some show and program regarding obesity such as how to overcome the obesity and many more. According to Tee on 1999, The Ministry of Health identified such as Radio and Television Malaysia for collaboration in order to promote awareness on obesity (Sherina & Rozali , 2004). Therefore, the social media is a good way to promote the awareness campaign on obesity among the Malaysians.
The other ways to promote the awareness campaign is through the interactive program. An interactive and enjoyable program should be holding among the Malaysians especially those who are obese. The programs that can be hold to promote the awareness campaign on obesity are program such as marathon that can reduce the obese person weight. This program can run smoothly and effectively if the obese people attend this program regularly. The right time to hold this kind of program in order to promote awareness campaign on obesity is when the school holiday and public day so the worker people who are obese can attend this program. The most suitable place to hold this program should be around the cities which have the highest rate of obesity since the people who live around the city tend to gain weight and become obese. The person who is responsible to hold the program should be the government since they have big influence and the aim should be the people who are obese and overweight. For example, Malaysian Pharmaceutical History has started the ‘My Weight My Health’ program to overcome the weight issue among the Malaysians (Verma et al, 2013). Therefore, the obesity program can be overcome by promoting awareness campaign through intensive and attractive program.
Not only that, the awareness campaign also can be promoting through the education. The education that needs to be applied should be on obesity especially what the cause, effect and to overcome obesity. The most suitable place to implement the education on obesity should be started from the school and from the house. The people who are responsible to conduct this education are the teacher, parents and the government. The parents should teach their child from the house by observing their eating habits and prevent...

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