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Promoting Intercultural Understanding: International Baccalaureate Program

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The International Baccalaureate program that our school is a member of has adopted and implemented the IB philosophy of promoting intercultural understanding and respect. We encourage our students to become active in our communities, to think critically about themselves and the world around them, and to become compassionate, lifelong learners. Before I had heard of the IB program, I had already adopted this concept. I realize that my pre-teen students are so absorbed with our American pop culture and technology, thus somewhat oblivious to the real world around them. There are many opportunities to connect with others from around the world versus friends across the county using My Space or a cell phone. Yet that is what our children do, a lot! I feel that it is my job as an educator to nudge them out of their bubble to see how others live in other lands. It is so important for our children to realize there are bigger things outside of their schools and neighborhoods. In addition to becoming globally connected, our American children need to peel their eyes away from their iPods and Xboxes to realize what is happening to the health of our planet.
I remember in fourth grade, learning about water conservation from my Ranger Rick magazines more so than in school. I became aware of acid rain and its effects on the environment from those magazines, but not so much in Science class. I guess no one was too concerned about environmental issues in education back in the 1980’s. Now, children are more environmentally conscious than their parents. Why? Not so much from Ranger Rick magazines, but from their teachers! Educators and school systems are taking huge steps to ensure the...

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