Promoting Logos Using Evaluative Conditioning: A Psychological Investigation Research Paper

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The current study explores whether the principles of evaluative conditioning can be used to increase people?s liking of a new education channel logo. Participants were randomly allocated to the control or experimental condition and were tested one at a time in a quiet space with few distractions. 40 people participated in the experiment.22 were female, 18 males. The youngest participant was 18, the oldest, 68. and all had English as their first language
Participants were randomly allocated to the control or experimental condition and were tested one at a time in a quiet space with few distractions. The experiment was described to the participant and they were told they had the opportunity to withdraw at any time. Each participant heard the same instruction that they should ?Watch the slideshow from beginning to end without interruption?. shows that the proportion of participants who saw the DE100 IPTV logo paired with a positive image and subsequently said that they liked the logo (14 out of 20 or 70%) was greater than the proportion of control participants who said they liked the logo (7 out of 20 or 35%).
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An important question in marketing research is how one might get consumers to like or dislike certain products. One possibility is that consumers like products that become associated in their mind with something that they already perceive to be positive. This sort of association is referred to as ?evaluative conditioning?. Typically, a neutral stimulus, such as a new brand or product, is paired with a positive stimulus, such as a favoured celebrity, and this allows some of the positive feelings and attitudes associated with the celebrity to be transferred to the product . The current study explores whether the principles of evaluative conditioning can be used to increase people?s liking of a new education channel logo.
Previous research has shown that ?evaluative conditioning? can be successfully used to influence participants? attitudes and behaviour. For instance Chen et al. (2012) examined the impact of pairing an image of a celebrity with that of a sporting event on how positive people subsequently felt about the event. Participants viewed a short slideshow of images representing a sporting event (baseball or basketball), popular celebrities and distractor images such as landscapes. The images were shown in pairs. Those in the experimental condition always saw the sports event paired with the images of celebrities while in the control condition, the sport-related image was paired with neutral images. Chen et al. (2012) found that those who had seen the sporting events paired with celebrities were subsequently more positive about the sports events than those in the control condition.
Another study, by Hollands et al. (2011), showed that evaluative conditioning can have an impact not just on people?s attitudes but also on their behaviour. They showed...

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