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Promoting Or Hindering, Cnn I Report, A Case Study On The Role Of Internet Intermediates In Internet Freedom Of Expression

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Internet intermediaries refer to numbers of social platforms help in the information transmission process of Internet (OECD, 2011). It is indubitable that Internet intermediaries play an essential role in the free flow of information vie Internet, because those platforms enables users to access, share and create information which implicate the right of freedom of expression. Under the economic motivations, policy principles for Internet intermediary platforms are not just take account of expression of freedom on the Internet, which also be influenced by related laws and local police. In general, Internet intermediary platforms appropriate uses’ involvement and collaboration, but ...view middle of the document...

Gatekeeper plays the role of control the presentation and the distribution of information in it; But IReport also contains the nature of UGC website, users as citizen journalist involve in events’ discussion by uploading pictures and videos. The double attributions of CNN IReport correspond with the dilemma of Internet intermediary in a particular way. Gatekeepers in CNN control information by designing assignments, vetting improper report, and rewarding ‘valuable’ content on one side (Amani, 2010); Users participating in news produce process, discussing diversity events, and challenging the immediacy, authenticity and transparency of tradition news media on the other side (Lianne & Heather, 2011). Through this process, expression of freedom may be promoted by the user, who shifts the role of tradition gatekeeper and changing its practice. But expression of freedom may also be hindered by the tradition gatekeeper, who restrains stories to fall in the line of news organizations and tradition news values (Karlsson, 2011).
Therefore, this study tends to analysis how and in what degree specific Internet intermediary like CNN IReport propel and resist Internet freedom of expression. Considering the dilemma and the important role of such platforms, the results of this study can help promote more awareness to the user, policy maker and platform host with regard to control information flow and develop more effective practice for protect freedom of expression as well as their own profits.
Literature Review
The potential ability of revolution of UGC and citizen journalism
Since 2005, UGC has grown explosively, which refers to online content presented by users. Despite the various categories of UGC websites, Burn (2007) suggested four main characteristics of UGC (1) creative and dedicative individuals or teams collaboration and supplement content for pursuit the improvement of UGC. (2) Roles changing, content creators become participants. (3) Facts are always remaining unfinished, subjects fit into supplement-evolutionary repeating model. (4) Content generation is a free collaboration rather than obligation process. In short, with the development of broadband technology, UGC have stimulated the user to become a more active participant (Peggy & Marieke, 2010).
Citizen journalism has been defined as numbers of public activity reported by people who lack professional journalism training (Hayley, 2013). The advent of UCG platform provides citizen journalist a new channel to join in the competition of mainstream by enlightening news production and engaging audiences (Sadaf & Shahira, 2013). To be more specifically, with the use of UGC platforms, citizen journalist shifts the way news collection, news selection, and news distribution. Public participation allows citizen to find news, edit news and then release news independently, at the same time to capture news independently.
Overall the usage of UGC platform of citizen journalism provides a potential...

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