Promoting Positive Health Behaviors: Prevention Programs That Advocate For Early Cancer Screening

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With an increase in the number of annual deaths caused by cancer in the US population, there have been many efforts by numerous private and public entities to create programs aimed at prevention of certain types of cancer. Due to ineffective intervention strategies many programs struggle to produce positive outcomes. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the Every Woman Matters Program (EWM), its' ineffectiveness and the reasons as to why the program was unsuccessful. I will summarize and analyze two other prevention programs that succeeded at the goal of advocating and promoting health and prevention. Also, I will describe two strategies for creating a more effective prevention program.
The Every Woman Matters Program
The Every Woman Matters Program ( EWM) was created by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS). The goal of the NDHHS was to provide free health examinations to low income women between the ages of 40 and 74 years of age with no health insurance. Through the Every Woman Matters program eligible women were provided with the following services: clinical breast examinations, Mammogram screenings and diagnostics, breast ultrasounds, referrals for breast lump evaluations, breast biopsy, fine needle/ cyst aspirations, Pap tests, yearly pelvic exams, colposcopy – directed biopsy, other basic labs and physical examinations.
The Every Woman Matters Study
Despite of the of the implementation of the EWM program the rates of cervical and breast cancer screening in the state of Nebraska still remain low. With the goal of developing a practice – based intervention and identifying strategies that would help reduce the barriers of delivering the screening services by the EWM program, Backer, Geske, McIlvain, Dodendorf and Minier (2005) used the GAPS model to conduct the Improving Female Preventive Health Care Delivery Through Practice Change: An Every Woman Matters Study.
To carry out the study seven primary care practices were chosen to participate over a total period of a year. At each site the research nurse collected qualitative data pertaining to the process of pap and mammogram service delivery from field notes, interviews with patients and physicians. This data was then used to identify the barriers and areas that needed improvement in the facilitation of these preventive services. “Despite the use of the GAPS model and a financial incentive to obtain “buy in” from providers and staff, change was difficult for all but 2 of the practices” (Backer et al., 2005). Due to poor leadership and willingness to change, the other five practices had poor outcomes. Backer et al. (2005) stated that “Changing practice behavior entails teamwork among clinicians and staff, requires flexibility and willingness to change, and should be based on individualized interventions based on each system’s unique and dynamic pattern” (p. 402).
Effective Prevention Programs that Advocate for Early Screening
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