Promoting Resilience And Resolution In Troubled Times

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Echterling, Presbury and McKee (2005) define crisis as a turning point in one’s life that is brief, but a crucial time in which, there is opportunity for dramatic growth and positive changes, as well as the danger of violence and devastation. They further state that whatever the outcome, people do not emerge from a crisis unchanged; if there is a negative resolution, the crisis can leave alienation, bitterness, devastated relationships and even death in its wake; on the other hand, if the crisis is resolved successfully a survivor can develop a deeper appreciation for life, a stronger sense of resolve, a mature perspective, greater feelings of competence, and richer relationships.
Crisis intervention addresses acute problem situations and can help the individual discover an adaptive means of coping with a particular life stage, tragic occurrences or problem that generates a crisis situation. On the other hand, coping is defined as an action or set of actions that is employed to deal with a stressor (Laube, as cited in Dziegielewski 2004).
During the crisis period normal methods of coping and problem solving do not work.
This paper will highlight and examine “survivors coping” from the text “Crisis Intervention: Promoting Resilience and Resolution In Troubled Times” by Echterling, Presbury, and McKee in relation to the effectiveness of crisis intervention.
Integration and Evaluation
Echterling et al. (2005), claim that survivors who recover from a trauma and return to their state of well being, achieve positive transformation and transcendence involving a period of dramatic personal growth. Moreover, Chessick (as cited in Echterling, 2005) suggests that survivors in their response to crisis, either take a neurotic path which attempts to put things back the way they were, or the creative path that tries to make something new of the situation.
The writer believes that therefore in times of crisis, survivors in their state of disequilibrium will do whatever it takes to reduce the distress felt, with or without crisis intervention.
It is important to note that Roberts and Yeager, (2009) state that most youths and adults have developed several coping mechanisms, some adaptive, some less adaptive, and some inadequate as a response to a crisis. Additionally, Dattilio and Freeman (2007) identify problem-focused coping as an attempt to change the external situation so that the crisis is made less acute; and emotion-focused coping as an attempt to make the situation bearable enough by influencing the emotional reaction to the crisis, so that the survivor can live with the situation even when it cannot be changed. Futhermore, Kozak, Strelau and Miles (2005) put forward different aspects of coping, task oriented, emotion oriented, social diversion and distraction as different coping styles in their study “Genetic Determinants of Individual Differences in Coping Styles.”
Mc Nally (as cited in Seely, 2007) suggests that natural coping occurs in a...

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