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Promoting The Establishment Of A Weapons Trade Embargo On Syria

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Committee: Disarmament Commission
Topic: Promoting the establishment of a weapons trade embargo on Syria, for all factions involved, as a means of aiding the peace process.
Sponsor: Spain

Disarmament Commission,

Deeply Concerned about the transfer and circulation of arms and light weapons and their excessive accumulation and uncontrolled spread in Syria,

Recalling the obligations of States to fully comply with arms embargoes decided by the United Nations Security Council in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations,

Referring to articles 41 and 42 in the UN charter that talk about the consequences for those who breach embargos,

Noting with Regret the increasing number of ...view middle of the document...

Encourages the production of international awareness campaigns regarding the issue of Syria, to show what is happening there and the conflict to the world,
to emphasize the seriousness and importance of the issue and the increasing number of dead people, and to show the importance of not trading weapons with Syria, through measures such as but not limited to:
a)TV Commercials.
d)Internet Commercials,
e)Educational programs that are aiming to spread ethical awareness about the risk and dangers of using weapons;

4. Encourages the Member States to stop supplying the rebels with arms, and to implement guidelines in order to promote peace in Syria, such as but not limited to:
a) Prohibiting the usage of chemical weapons that may be used on innocent civilians,
b) Regulating the number of arms that are used on the innocent civilians,
c) Illicit small weapons may only be used for defense or safety precautions;

5. Emphasizes the importance of destroying any illegal arms at the borders of Syria right away in order to:

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