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Promoting Veganism To Protect Animals Essay

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Breeding sows are confined in gestation stalls, pigs have their tails cut off without anesthesia, calves are tethered by their necks in veal crates, and egg-laying hens are debeaked and kept in cages too small to spread their wings in; in a factory farm, animals are treated as commodities. This vivid imagery depicts the facts pertaining to animals. The search for solutions has focused on two paths; one reforming the system and instituting more humane standards, and the second promoting veganism so that fewer animals are bred, nurtured, and slaughtered. While few animal activists disagree with promoting veganism, some believe that campaigning for reforms, and humane labeling is ...view middle of the document...

must be agreed upon. Picking and choosing out of the Bible cannot be accomplished without the factor of fair-mindedness and arbitrary. If the Bible contains anything in which someone is opposed to, then the ability to justify why that sole point should not be accepted is necessary. The justification from this will amount to a new argument involving the consumption of meat, one that is not in the Bible. Since people tend to pick and choose what parts of the Bible they like and dislike, it demonstrates freewill; regardless of what the bible states, everyone is entitled to their own ideas of right and wrong. An additional objection to the “bible argument” is analyzing what is intended by "Man shall have dominion over the animals" (Genesis 1:26). Although this is subject to interpretation, maybe what is intended is not, "Do whatever you want to the animals, such as torturing, eating, and bestiality," but, "Since I made humans with more reason than the rest of the animals on earth, it will be up to you to see that they are well cared for - do not harm (or kill) them unless it is necessary." In similar ideology but a differing context, parents would have dominion over their children; nevertheless this does not imply that offspring are food subjects to a torturous death, right?
The most common argument in favor of butchering and the intake of animal meat is a traditional one. For families who were raised with this concept as a core value, it acts as an explanation for the traditions beginning, but cannot, by itself, justify the claim that its consumption is ethically respectable. If kids were educated to use violence anytime the desire arose the world would resemble The Hunger Games, only replacing the mere twenty-four contestants with all of mankind. More realistically, culture ingrains that people of color are inferior. In addition, it socializes women as submissive; stay at home, cook, clean, and raise babies. These affirmations reflect the predominant opinion in the United States, in the first instance, as recently as two generations ago, and in the second instance, as recent as one generation ago. This begs the question, should they be accepted as “proper” in perpetuity? This argument commits the fallacy of argumentum ad antiquitatem, or “appeal to tradition”. That is, the argument cannot be made that some action is correct merely because that is the way humans have always done it. This viewpoint brings to light a rather obvious but immensely disturbing objection; following this reasoning, society grants the right to eat humans: all that’s required is the manner in which they have been raised, a cannibalistic tradition.
The Darwinian/Machiavellian Argument is the process of evolution that has placed humans, the stronger, in a position to take advantage of the weaker (animals) for eating and other pleasures. Is it immoral for other mammals to eat meat? A lion eating a zebra is not morally wrong; therefore, the habit of meat consumption is a...

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