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In order to effectively promote a product and/or service, the ways in which the message is communicated to the public is very critical. Hence, the operation of the communication model of an organization determines the effectiveness in marketing their products or services. One of the components in a communication model is the sender. The sender of the advertisement promoting Memorial Hermann Katy’s Home Health services is the marketing manager of Memorial Hermann. The task of the sender is to deliver the message to its’ targeted audience, and thus should be credible and knowledgeable about the product or service. The intent of the source of the message is to introduce, remind or convince the public about its product/service and their usefulness (Abdelgadir, 2013).
The sender encodes ideas into the message through words, images or symbols that should be interpreted in the same manner as the receiver, if not; the message is deemed ineffective (Berkowitz, 2011). In encoding the message, Memorial Hermann would use the picture of a patient sitting in the living room of their home while the healthcare professional (with the name of the hospital on the scrubs) is sitting at the side of the patient listening to the chest of the patient with a stethoscope. The message would read “Promoting safety, health and independence…Bringing continuum of care to the home”. Leshner, Bolls, and Thomas (2009) stated that the content in a message has significant effects on resources allocated to encoding the message and on the recollection of the advertisement.
After developing the message, the channel through which the message is to be sent should be considered carefully. The channel is the medium by which the message is distributed. This is where budgeting comes into play because the media that would be used to send out the message would be determined by the budget that is set aside for advertisement. The most expensive media is television and the media with the most advertising dollar is the newspaper (Berkowitz, 2011). Television would be a media used because of its advantage of communicating its message through picture, sight and sound to those that have problem with some of their sense organs in their body. Radio would also be used because of its advantage in spreading the message to a wide array of location. Newspapers would also be a means of communication, and finally online advertising in the organizations website as well as social media network would be a media of choice. The receiver is the audience to which this message is targeted for. Therefore, the receiver of the message is not only the elderly population from ages 65 and over but also those with disabilities that are qualified...

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