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Promotional And Marketing Tactics By 'first! Home Loans' To Enter Into Financial Services Sector By Analysing The Competitors Promotional Tactics.

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This report is based on the promotional and marketing tactics by First! Home Loans. It is a mortgage broker specializing in helping first home buyers buys a home. As it is new to the market, it therefore reviews the competitors' promotional tactics. The company also focuses on the different ways that it could introduce itself in the market and influence the target markets.

Competitors Promotional Tactics
The company will focus on four of its nearest main competitors and look into their promotional tactics to come up with its promotional tactics to influence the market.

RAMS Home Loans: RAMS Home Loans use non personal communication channels when promoting the company. Rams uses a combination of mass and targeted communication tools; mass communication tools include television advertisement, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Targeted communication tools are public relations via telephone directories, and press releases in newspaper articles.
RAMS Home Loans have received high levels of recall after campaigns were launched on television and radio.
RAMS Home loans uses the iconic Raymond the Ram as the face of the company, as it creates a unique, readily recalled image that communicates the warm and friendly brand values synonymous with RAMS Home Loans.

Aussie Home Loans: Aussie Home loans use non personal communication channels when promoting the company. Aussie uses a combination of mass and targeted communication tools; mass communication tools include television advertising, newspapers, magazines, radio and billboard posters.
Targeted communication tools include public relations via telephone directories, press releases and sponsorship deals to various organizations and events.
Founder and managing director of Aussie Home Loans, John Symond, appears as the face of Aussie in many advertising campaigns, and enforce the infamous Aussie slogan 'At Aussie, we'll save you!'. Aussie Home loans want to keep the slogan true, and are constantly looking for ways to improve their service.

Mortgage Choice: Mortgage Choice uses non personal communication channels when promoting the company. Mortgage Choice uses a combination of mass and targeted communication tools; mass communication tools include television advertising, radio, newspapers and magazines.
Targeted communication tools include public relations via telephone directories, press releases, sponsorship deals to various organizations and events, and competitions held within the company. An example of this is the current competition ' Win three months off your mortgage!'. The competition is eligible to all who completes the entry form or makes an appointment with a consultant from Mortgage Choice.
The slogan for Mortgage Choice is 'There's only one choice!'

Wizard: Wizard uses non personal communication channels when promoting the company. Wizard uses a combination of mass and targeted communication tools; mass...

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