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Promotions Management Integrated Marketing/ Communications Strategy Smu Assignment

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Recap WK 11: Promotions Management
Direct and Digital Marketing
I. Direct marketing
· many customers, many of the promotional activities are done by the channel members.
· Few customers/Or the channels are very saturated: it is difficult to find collaborators
· Product very specialized: channel members cannot handle the product -> manufacturers sell directly to the ultimate consumer.
->Technology has made it easier to connect with and even directly sell to consumers: especially for digital products (books, magazines, software, audio, video...)
-> but for all products too: techno has made info dissemination and order taking a lot more easy
-> the challenge is surviving the clutter (le fouillis) and standing out
Forms of direct marketing:
II. Online marketing
1. Click-only marketers: operate only online without any brick and mortar presence
· E-tailers (amazon,)
· Search engines and portals (google, yahoo)
· Shopping or price comparison sites
· Transaction sites (eBay)
· Social media: fb, twitter, YouTube, Instagram
2. Click-and-mortar marketers: are brick-and-mortar companies with an online presence (Singapore: challenger, kinokuniya bookstore...)
· Known and trusted brand names
· Strong fin resources
· Large customer bases
· Industry knowledge
· Reputation
· Strong supplier relationships
3. Placing Ads and Promotions Online:
· Forms of online advertising
· Display adds: banner, interstitial, pop-up/pop-under, multimedia
· Search-related ads: search engine optimization (SEO) can lead to a brand’s website becoming one of the natural first choices for a consumer search. Where SEO is not effective: advertising related to the search words that consumers are using
· Social media ads and campaigns: fb, twitter, insta...
· Online classifieds: carousell, property guru
· Others
· Content sponsor: advertising on a site that offers content such as info, analysis, news or entertainment (sponsoring content in a news site).
· Alliance/ affiliate:...

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