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Promotions Through The Advent Of Videogames

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In our modern age there is a constant need to point fingers and call something evil that was only made to better people’s lives. It happened with the television, it happened with the internet, and now this epidemic has set its sights on videogames. This media has been unfairly criticized, mainly by parents, since its release. They claim it causes violence and isolation but more over, in their arrogance, claim it is nothing more than a blatant waste of time. What these people don’t see is the true nature and potential for videogames and those who partake in the experiences they have to offer. Videogames provide a person with not only the opportunity to enhance their social and analytical skills, but also offer them the potential for tangential learning.
If you’re a gamer you already know how videogames build a person’s social skills. You go home turn on your council of choice for a relaxing game of Call of Duty, Halo, or Star Craft if you’re in to that sort of game. Most likely the next step is to plug in and put on your head set, immersing yourself in a social experience unlike anything you can find in real life. Most of videogame play is socially interactive. “Almost 60 percent of frequent gamers play with friends. Thirty-three percent play with siblings and 25 percent play with spouses or parents.” (Jenkins) And it’s not just cooperative game play that provides social growth, but competitive game play as well. “Two players may be fighting to death on screen and growing closer as friends off screen.” (Jenkins) The large misconception here is that videogames are socially isolating, a kid sits in his room and tunes out the rest of the world, while in fact they are connecting to more people than they could possibly meat by even going outside to play.

Another amazing occurrence happens when one begins playing videogames. Since videogames are an inherently interactive medium they allow their players to access worlds and roles unoffered to them in real life in a seating that seems almost real. In this way a person becomes more versed in topics and experiences they would otherwise never even come close to experiencing. Whether it be taking an underwater stole through the halls of Rapture in the shoes of Jack in Bioshock or dealing with the moral choices of having superpowers in a post apocalyptic world, as Cole MacGrath, videogames force a person to experience events through another person’s perspective, and make hard moral choices. In this way videogames are not just for fun. They teach a player about themselves in the most direct way possible. They force the player to sit back and reflect on their choices and experiences in the game. One example of this is the “A House Divided” mission in Mass Effect 2. The main conflict in this mission is the moral choice to either; kill off one sect of a race who is adamant for your destruction, or to reprogram them, brainwashing them without their knowledge or consent so...

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