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Proof That Black Americans Feel Superior To White Americans.

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The Unequalization of America

        What is unequalization? Unequalization is the unequal/different treatment of people because of their race or ethnicity. Unequalization in this case will refer to the unequal treatment African-Americans received during the early 1900's and the unequal treatment of many white people occurring now.

        During the early 1900's until about 1970 black people in America were being discriminated against. One of the forms of discrimination was segregation. Black Americans were not allowed to utilize the same bathroom facilities as other Americans; they had shop in different stores, eat in separate restraints, and sometimes were not even being served in some restraints. Is this type of discrimination still occurring? Yes, it is.

        Now many black Americans are showing their feelings of superiority by separating themselves from the rest of society. They have their own television stations, one being, Black Entertainment Television (BET). They have their own stores: and are just a couple of examples. When will I see a White Entertainment Television (WET)? Or how about Asian Entertainment Television (ATE)? Is this discrimination? I think so but it doesn't stop there.

        It is obvious in black entertainment that black Americans feel superior to the rest of society. In Shaquille O'Neal's autobiography he says, "It is an embaressment to get dunked on by a white player." (Stewart.) This I believe is Mr. O' Neal saying that white athletes in general aren't as talented as black athletes. The rap song "Nothing", sung by the group N.O.R.E, assumes that black men are better looking and that the singer could go into a "white boy club" and steal the girlfriends of all the white boys and the white boys wouldn't do anything about it because they are scared. It also make the assumption that all black people are better fighters than white people and that white people are afraid of black people.


        "In academia and government jobs, black Americans are favored over...

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