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Proof That William Shakespeare Did Not Write All Of His Works

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William Shakespeare is known as one the world’s most famous writers. This one man supposedly wrote thirty seven plays, one hundred and fifty four sonnets, and four poems. He was said to have such and insight of human nature and understanding of love, truth, and loyalty that it almost seemed impossible to for one man to write all one hundred and ninety five pieces of literature and create numerous words to add to the English language.
There is a mystery that follows William Shakespeare’s name. People question weather Shakespeare wrote everything that he was credited for and if there were other people that helped create his large portfolio. It is clear that there was a man named William ...view middle of the document...

The Person that makes the most sense would be Edward De Vere. He was a member of the nobility and very well educated. He enjoyed drama and literature, but he could not be involved with it publicly because of his title. What a better way to cover up that he was the true author than to create a faulty name? Even authors today will write books under a fake name, but back in the times of “William Shakespeare” the monarchy was very strict on what could be published. If nobility was caught writing distasteful things they would lose their title. Many of Shakespeare’s works were raunchy, inappropriate, and definitely distasteful.
Another part of the mystery is Shakespeare’s signatures. There are only six recorded signatures of William Shakespeare, and every one of them are different. When a person writes their signature it is usually in the same font, however Shakespeare’s were noticeably different from one another. If a man so brilliant could publish so many amazing works of art it would only make sense for him to write his name the same way six times. Shakespeare did not own a single book. How could a person so of Shakespeare’s literary caliber not own any books? He never passed on any of his works to his children and none of his pieces were...

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