Propaganda,Apathy And Revolution In V For Vendetta Essay

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In V for Vendetta propaganda is portrayed as something interwoven within the fabric of a totalitarian government. It is an essential tool that the regime uses to control the people; perhaps the most useful tool in the regime’s toolbox as it creates internal rather than external controls on behaviour. Both V and The Body use propaganda to serve their own ends. V uses it to free the people from what he perceives as an evil government while the government uses it to free the people from what it perceives to be evil and destructive behaviours and attitudes. By examining the relationship of persuasion and propaganda this essay demonstrates that the difference between the two is negligible in practice, and that it may only be possible to tell the difference when one is set apart from the culture which produced the media.
The distinction between propaganda and persuasion is that propaganda attempts to create an opinion through control of stimulus whereas in persuasion the goal is to create an opinion from a presentation of the truth, which reveals another truth, that being the opinion. We see how propaganda functions through the slogan of the Norsefire government: “strength through purity, purity through faith” (Moore, V-For Vendetta Vol. IV, 24). This is an appeal to emotion through vague associations; there is no factual content for the reader to question. It may be true but it is so vague that there is no way to test its truth. Rather than leading the reader to a specific conclusion it instead inspires the vague feeling that compliance will create something beneficial to the reader. What this something is is also unknown. The only known properties of this thing are that it will be strong and that it will be something that you want to possess.  In persuasion there must be some sort of appeal to a truth that can be examined critically. Propaganda also appeals to the truth but manipulates it in such a way as to make the side of the argument the propaganda is supporting seem to...

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