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Propaganda During Ww2 Essay

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War Propaganda Issue ResearchWW1 saw propaganda take a new form. Investigate the propaganda campaign in Australia and focus on the work of Norman Lindsay. Explain the message of propaganda and how it evolved in WW1. Use evidence to show if it had any effect on the Australian people.A propaganda is a one-sided message sent from governments, companies or groups designed to manipulate its receivers to act and think in a certain manner. It can be sent by pictures, graphs, statistics, posters, songs, exhibits and other campaigns. Common examples of propaganda may include commercials and advertisement. In many instances propaganda is used in controversial matter, but for most parts, propagandas promote subjects that are usually noncontroversial and acceptable among the public.Propaganda was used in the war to influence the audience to think in a specific way. At the time of the war, there were two types of war propaganda. The first was conscription propaganda, which had encouraged people to vote for or against conscription, compulsory enlistment in the state services. The second type was recruitment propaganda, a widespread technique that influenced people to enlist in services.During the First World War, government propaganda had a critical role during the war and also played a major role in sculpting the culture and society of the nation. During the war, propaganda took form of posters, leaflets, pamphlets, paintings, news articles, books and in some cases, letters. Young men, women, factory owners and rich citizens were often the targets of propaganda.As the outbreak of war proceeded, the limits of propaganda had evolved drastically in an attempt to dampen the opposition's power and appearance. During Britain's fight against Germany, at first, the recruiting posters had at most one or two colours and were mostly text giving direct information of enlistment, there were no visual images to appeal to all general audiences. As the war proceeded on, graphic images were added to the propaganda and they began working on the desires of the audience. The new propagandas fulfilled a young man's desire for adventure, masculinity and camaraderie, often leaving out the negative effects. Another technique they had applied was the demonization of German citizens and military in an attempt to provoke guilt among the audience for not being involved in the war.Figure 1Work of Norman Lindsay From propaganda campaign in Australia was designed to provoke anger towards the German atrocities and glorify Australian soldiers. After German's invasion of Belgium, it became much easier for the Australian government to promote an image of the Germans as inhumane monsters, aggravating the audience even more. Recruiting propaganda was highly successful in Australia as it had amplified the reasons...

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