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Propaganda During Wwii Essay

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The Second World War fought from 1939-1945 was one of the greatest wars faced by the Great Powers. This war was marked by the mass deaths of civilians, which estimated to be around 30 million causalities. With the number of causalities how did these countries get their citizens to help support these horrific battles? With the use of propaganda. Companies brainwash us as a society into purchasing their products by the use advertisements. The governments of all these nations contending in this war used propaganda and advertising to enhance their war efforts and to hopefully increase their chance of surviving. The power of persuasion was used throughout the war by the governments to deceive ...view middle of the document...

In the long run only he will achieve basic results in influencing public opinion who is able to reduce problems to the simplest terms and who has the courage to keep forever repeating them in this simplified form despite the objections of intellectuals." For the government to be able to provide what they needed for their troops over fighting the battle they got caught up in they need citizens to support, and like this quote says the government needs propaganda to change the view and enhance the support given by their fellow citizens.
One of the main uses of propaganda was used for war bonds. You could purchase a $25 War Bond for $18.75. The government would take that money to help pay for tanks, planes, ships, uniforms, weapons, medicine, food, and everything else the military needed to fight and win. That’s the investment in your country. Ten years from the time you purchased your War Bond you could redeem it and get $25. That’s the investment you made in your own financial future. So with the use of propaganda the American government was able to keep the military going. The United States spent nearly 300 billion dollars during World War II, which is equivalent to 4 trillion dollars today. Without the use of war bonds the United States could have faced horrific outcomes such as, having to stop supporting their allies, which could turn the allies against the United States from being bankrupt during a major war such as World War II. They needed people to buy bonds to help support their efforts and they did so by persuading the people with clever advertisements. However, Propaganda wasn’t just used to get the peoples money, but to gain their support and arms in battle.
Propaganda was used for multiple reasons. The most common one was to gain money to help support the war economically. Gaining support physically as in fighting was another attempt taken by propaganda. During battles we need men who are willing to go out and put their lives at risk to save another and the way these people are brought in is mostly through advertisments saying that they will be known as a hometown hero or another emotions play on the brain making these men gulable and bringing them into life risking habitates.
There where many types of Propaganda and or ways of advertising to the public. During the later 1900s radios began to become popular and was among one of the cheapest ways of sending messages and persuading people into supporting anything such as the war and companies around America. The radio was like the modern day television most people listened to news via the radio, so this was a very easy and cheap way to cultivate what news spreads and what doesn’t. “”What the press has been in the Nineteenth Century, radio will be for the Twentieth Century.” (Goebbels) This is a quote by one of the most influential propaganda creators in history, and it goes to show that he used radio to transmit his speeches and influece/pursued his audience. This quote also...

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