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There are so many forms of propaganda that surround our lives on a every day basis, and these negative messages persuade and shape our thoughts of perfection, of who we are, and who we ought to be. The beauty industry and its’ advertisements is one type of propaganda that ultimately characterizes the way we think of ourselves. The media is relentless in reminding us every chance they get why women need to be perfect and what we need to achieve that. There is endless pressure as women to have a perfect body and appearance. The beauty industry’s aim through advertisement is to make women feel as if we need to buy the beauty products in order to look and feel like the models on television, magazines, and in commercials. The beauty industry is very successful because as women, we often feel compelled to buy whatever is necessary to look “perfect.” In years past the beauty industry has been solely focused on the obvious beauty tools such as makeup, hair accessories, lotion, etc. However, we have become more intrigued by even more aspects of the beauty world such as undergarments and everywhere in between. In other words, media propaganda is more interested in the “selling of sex” now than ever before. An unfortunate yet accurate depiction by actress Helen Mirren reads, “Flesh sells. People don’t want to see pictures of churches, they want to see naked bodies.” Just as Mirren knows this to be true, so does the beauty industry and they have taken it and ran with it.
Within the beauty industry there are numerous examples of media propaganda that can be investigated, but the television and magazine industry privdes a very specific representation of what women experience daily through the media. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is admitted by Bob Horowitz, president of reality production house JUMA Entertainment to be just a “marketing marvel” (Guthrie,2011). In other words, the industry is no longer even attempting to cover up their using propaganda and marketing techniques against us. The beauty industry’s obvious goal is to increase revenue within their companies. In order to achieve this revenue the industry works hand in hand with other companies to help each other. Specifically, Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated are two enormous companies with millions of viewers and readers. These two companies work with the other companies of the beauty industry to first raise awareness in women that we are not good enough through media. After the media has established in us that we are not perfect, they then want to make us purchase their magazines and view their ads to further instill in us a need to look a certain way. The final step in this process is for us to buy their products that we deem necessary to look the way they tell us we should. This is successful because everybody wins and as you can see it ALL starts and ends with media propaganda.
Women who are vulnerable to messages given by the media tend to...

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