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By looking at In the Garden of Beasts we can see that Hitler and the Nazi Regime successfully used propaganda and deception to gain power in Germany. This is important because propaganda is widely used to manipulate others into supporting one’s ideas while deceiving them from the truth.
Before World War II Hitler successfully implemented tactics through propaganda to secure his position as the next German Chancellor. Without using propaganda to increase his popularity Hitler would not have been able to gain the support he needed to gain control of Germany. He manipulated the German people by stating that Germany needs to become united to preserve their freedoms and to keep peace throughout the country. When Hitler was campaigning as a candidate for Chancellor he stated in one of his speeches, “Show tomorrow your firm national unity… Support with me and the Reich Chancellor the principle of equal rights and of peace with honor” (Larson, p. 175). By using a manipulative style of speaking to the public Hitler was able to present himself as one for the people, showing that he prioritized them above everything else. However, this was all a trick to increase Hitler’s popularity so he could eventually become dominant over all aspects of German life. The Nazi Regime achieved this through strategic implementations of propaganda. This desensitized the public into believing Hitler could help Germany in its time of economic and political struggle. A few people were surprised by the amount of propaganda used by the Nazis. One person was a Jewish philologist in Dresden, he noted that, “On every commercial vehicle, post office van, mailman’s bicycle, on every house and shop window, on broad banners, quotations form Hitler are everywhere and always ‘Yes’ for peace!” (Larson, p. 176). This shows how extreme the Nazis were with using propaganda to win the election for Hitler, basically just handing him the presidency without much opposition. Hitler along with the Nazi Party trusted strongly in the power of propaganda and used it to its maximum potential, allowing Hitler to rise to power in Germany.
As time went on Hitler established new ways to deal with perceived enemies of the Nazi Regime while hiding his actions under an assortment of lies with propaganda. By using new methods of suppression, against those who threaten his rule, Hitler was able maintain power over Germany as a whole. One system that the Nazi party created gave birth to an organization called The Gestapo. The Gestapo was formed by Goring, the Prussian secretary of the interior by merging political as well as espionage units within Nazi ranks. Command of this branch was later transferred to Himmler, the head of the SS, who would create a connection between the two groups to solidify his power. The Gestapo helped enforce Nazi rule by quieting those who seemed to threaten their laws. They would do whatever they wanted without being held responsible for their crimes. In some instances Jews and...

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