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Propaganda in today’s world is at its all time peak due to the inability of humans to comprehend information on their own. One may define propaganda as a form of communication that is aimed towards influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. Realistically, however, this form of communication is nothing more than information, ideas, or rumors spread deliberately to help or harm an institution. In Tom Downey’s “The Insurgent’s Tale,” anti-war propaganda is used by telling the story of an actual Jihadist. He encourages that the men fighting on Iraqi soil are just as human as the American warriors. Regardless of what the Bush regime would have you believe, Jihadists are actually more than the evil, robotic suicide bombers that they may set out to be. Jihadists can be often confused with terrorists because they share similar traits and beliefs.
In Daniel Byman and Christine Fair’s “The Case for Calling Them Nitwits,” the ones feared terrorist is ridiculed by simply calling them “nitwits.” Byman and Fair portray examples of carelessness and stupidity during acts of terrorism. They go on to mention how many terrorists are untrained, perverted, fools that are far less organized and sophisticated than we make them out to be. Byman explains that small investments in training for security can make a big difference when it comes to both experienced and inexperienced terrorists. There are many accounts that may cause a nation to go to war against terroristic plots.
Susan Sontag’s “Regarding the Torture of Others” examines the manner in which war is perceived. She contends that war imagery is open to both interpretation and manipulation. Sontag argues that war itself is perennial while rejecting the notion that war imagery will necessarily compel repudiation. She goes into detail about how images can be based on ignorance due to one’s interpretation. Downey’s “The Insurgent’s Tale,” Byman and Fair’s “The Case for Calling Them Nitwits,” and Sontag’s “Regarding the Torture of Others” are all propaganda articles dealing with anti-war. All of the authors go into specifics about terrorists and their behaviors in their own aspect.
In Tom Downey’s “An Insurgent’s Tale,” the terrorist is realistically not as we portray him to be. Normally, we would see terrorists as cold, heartless, human beings that are composed of pure evil. However, he argues the exact opposite. Downey effectively accomplishes this by writing about a veteran, Khalid, who has fought in several wars. He soon realizes that he was fighting for no reason. Khalid is a war veteran who fought in five wars and was sentenced to jail in England and Yemen for his jihad beliefs. This article uses a great amount of propaganda to persuade the reader into supporting the text. It is quite effective because it uses real life excerpts to portray a valid viewpoint. "To hear a polite and thoughtful man talk casually about his friends in Al Qaeda is to have the whole enterprise...

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