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Propaganda In Hitler's Germany Essay

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During Hitler’s reign in Germany, propaganda was his main method of control. He and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nazis, believed that to remain in control, it is necessary to prevent any and all internal unrest through strictly regulated popular opinion. The mission was to keep public opinion in favor of the Nazi party’s ideology. One of the primary aspects of their ideology was extreme anti-Semitism and racial inequality. Within years they were able to introduce this belief to nearly all of the German people through heavy influence by propaganda. Hitler was able to stabilize and dictate his Germany for years through propaganda aimed to control the lives of the youth, the opinions of the general public, and beliefs about the war effort and well-being of the country.
The Nazi Party had numerous methods to influence the opinion of Germany. The Nazis saw the youth as the future of Germany as well as whom they must control the most. The Hitler Youth Organization was one of the most influential forces within the youth of Nazi Germany. In fact, by mid-1933, the Hitler Youth had successfully achieved its goal to either “Nazify” or disband all competing youth groups within the country (“Hitler Youth”). Within the group, German youth were taught the ideology of the Nazi Party. This included education of their views about the status and treatment of Jewish people. As stated in a source of material for the Youth Leaders, “People differ therefore in more than their physical characteristics… their inner relationships must therefore be studied. Then we will clearly recognize the vast difference between those of German blood and the Jews…We then understand human inequality.” (Bytwerk). Their avid belief in social Darwinism, racial inequality, and superiority of the German people was easily communicated to the youth through these programs and teachings. Growing up surrounded by this propaganda, the young people were ready to believe anything their leaders told them. If this meant being told that Jews were not equal to the “Aryan” race then, as far as the impressionable youth were concerned, Jews were never to be equal.
To ensure the quick communication of the Nazi ideology throughout the rest of the country was the mission of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. This ministry was established in 1933 following the takeover of Germany by the Nazi Party (United States Memorial Holocaust Museum). The Ministry’s duty was to convey, directly and subliminally, the Nazi Party’s ideals of racism and anti-Semitism among other aspects of popular opinion they wished to control. Much of the propaganda regarding laws and measures against the Jewish was meant to portray the government’s actions as restoring order to their society. These messages were conveyed through educational material, film, literature, music and the press. Films often falsely depicted the “…success of the Nazi regime…” in aspects of society the general public were...

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