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A firestorm begins with one single spark. One idea that grows, and grows into a revolution of never ending unfathomable hope. A complex concept that enlightens, and shows us why generations before us have permanently marked our textbooks with many events; it is the undying propaganda that is music. In our world, it has positively influence and affect the outcome of our story, but has also been twisted many times before, to try and blow out our humanity. Propaganda influences and takes controls of that spark; it keeps the beast distracted so that one may go for the kill and slay it with no trouble; music, is one of it's most powerful forms.
We may all hold a special place for music in our heads, metaphorically, and quite littarly. Music truly does have a way of "getting in our head". A Nova study suggests that the brain reacts to the slightest hum of music, even if only heard for a few seconds. The brain also seems to have likes and dislikes. While under a scanner, Dr. Oliver Zachs was tested for two separate music that he never heard of, one from the Bach era which he has a love for, and one from Beethoven which he found particularly boring. His brain seemed to fire up neurons and became very active to the bach, suggesting that the brain has a lot of vote when it comes to things we like and dislike. Dr. Zachs quote beautifully summed it up, " brain knows even when I don't".
Music has influence. Although the normal person does not realize or feel it, could one really say to themselves, "These are my ideas. I am original," when we as a society are bombarded with what we should think, what we should consider normal, and what we should regard as right and wrong. Music is the base of what we become in the future, our intricate brains reacting to the most simple melodies even in the wombs of our mothers. An effortless tap on the drum or any surface, becoming one of the most critical foundation for African slave's rebellion for freedom in early colonial America. Spreading the idea to fight against the unfair treatment, to rise up and not give in. Even subconsciously, when we turn off our ears and seem to disregard a melody, our brains seem to function and make us think differently. Based on a Texas Tech University social experiment called "The Influence of Background Music on Shopping Behavior: Classical Versus Top-Forty Music in a Wine Store," (Charles S. Areni and David Kim (1993)) the classical music seemed to have been able...

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