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Propeller Design Essay

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A propeller is a device made for producing motion that consists of two or more blades mounted on a power-driven shaft. A propeller changes an engine’s power into forward thrust for the vehicle. The most well-known types of propellers are the ones that drive ships or airplanes. A propeller’s blades produce a type of force which is known as aerodynamic lift that pushes or pulls an aircraft through the air and pushes a ship through the water.
Airplane propellers, the best known types of propellers, are sometimes referred to as airscrews. Most of them consist of two or more blades, or props. The pitch is the angle between the cross section of the blades or props and the plane through which they rotate.
A propeller travels through air at the same rate as the pitch; therefore the pitch equals the rate at which a propeller travels through the air. A propeller is also a wing and a mechanical device. It is called an airscrew because it travels through air or water just as a screw would travel through wood or a bolt would travel through an anchor with a set number of rotations. Propellers do not act much differently when traveling through air or water.
The type of propeller that generates the most torque depends on its pitch. The more the pitch is adjusted, the more the blades slice through air or water. However, since air and water both move and can be pushed around by the propellers, the propeller is not exactly as if it were moving through space as it turns.

Helicopter blades, which are also propellers, produce lots of upward lift and torque. A propeller is a very advanced type of wing that slices through air as it turns. Torque is high until the object is up to speed and air resistance changes, or becomes lower.
Newton’s third law of motion states for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of rotating propellers, the reactionary force is torque bending force. As a propeller spins at several hundred revolutions per minute, it encounters air that resists, or slows down its movement. Torque bending force increases at the same rate at which the propeller’s...

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