Proper Nutrition During A Baby's First Year

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The first year of a baby’s life is a time of rapid changes and figuring out who to trust in the world. That first year many things happen that are very important to the future of the infant. This point in life is a time of “rapid physical and nervous system development, accomplishments that ensure an infant’s survival and ability to cope with its world” (Dacey et al., 2009). Babies rapidly gain weight in the first year so nutrition is a very important part of the development process. They need a good diet consisting of “carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and vitamins” (Dacey et al., 2009). Proper nutrition ensures the correct development of newborns survival. “Having survived prenatal hazards, newborns come equipped with automatic responses ideally suited for survival” (Myers, 2008). The first year of a baby’s life is very important in ensuring a successful journey heading into their future.
The nature and nurture debate has been studied for many years. Years ago many people thought that human behavior was “instinctive, simply our nature” (Macionis, 2008). Are people born with a predetermined plot of what their life will hold? Many researchers have done numerous studies that have proven that human behavior comes from how a person was nurtured after birth. Biology and nature mean the same thing, and we are biologically programmed at birth to do certain things. For example, at birth a person’s heart beats on its own, and a baby knows how to suck instantly. This shows the nature side of humans. How a child was nurtured at birth has a direct bearing on his or her future.
One of the most famous experiments on attachment was Harlow’s monkey experiments. After watching a video of the monkey experiments the conclusion is that nurturing is directly related to an infant’s attachment. Harlow was trying to discover how attachment develops. He placed baby monkeys into a room with some unfamiliar objects. When left in the room with these objects the monkeys became very scared and agitated. When a cloth like figure was placed in the room the babies would cling to the mother like figure, and then they would gradually begin exploring the room. Harlow concluded that the maternal bond was the strongest bond (Harlow's monkey experiment, 2008). Researchers discovered that human babies can form multiple attachments to others depending on the interactions they have. This experiment placed serious doubt on Harlow’s other experiments. This can be evident in adopted babies who when nurtured by an adoptive parent will have a strong bond with them over their biological mother’s. It is nature on who a person’s parents will be, but nurture plays an important role in whom that person becomes. Bonds formed between a mother and babies are very important, but if the...

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