Prophecies And The Mayan Calendar Essay

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The topic I have chosen for my speech is the Mayan’s Calendar and Prophecies, and its relation to December 21, 2012.
For several years now the Mayan Calendar, showing December 21st, 2012 as its last day recorded, has provoked different reactions among the people. Some have reacted with panic, anticipating a catastrophic end for our planet; others have begun to be virtuous persons, fearful of the punishment in the Final Judgment. Certain have dedicated to explore it with morbid inquisitiveness, speculating on when and how the end is going to begin, although there are others for whom the quest for the truth is a necessity. And, of course, there are also the incredulous, those who do not believe a word about this theme.
I belong to the group of those who want to get to the bottom of all this, I do not want to come across as a full believer nor a complete skeptic. Therefore, it is important for me to understand how come different ancient cultures, separated by thousands and thousands of miles, have come to the same conclusion about an event that will happen in a distant future date. This is a fact, and actually it was the first thing that called my attention, the Mayas were not the only ones, other ancient civilizations and individuals also pointed December 21st, 2012 as an important day in the history of humanity, predicting a sequence of events to occur on that specific day, and all its possible repercussions for our planet. There are a heap of versions and interpretations out there, and I have read all sorts of information related to this topic, in order to get to my own interpretations.
Although the most revealing and well known is the Mayan Calendar, to be impartial, it is imperative to combine all with the scientific and the religious/spiritual versions, because all of them reach the same conclusion, 2012 is not like any other year known until now.
The Mayans - This culture was the most brilliant and powerful of Mesoamerica. This civilization existed thousand of years before the Spanish conquest, and it was in its entire splendor when the settlers arrived to its grounds. They studied the sky and knew the universe has cyclical phases; also knew these cycles never change, because the galaxies need these adjustments to breathe. Therefore they knew about the transformation process of consciousness that those changes produce on the mind of the human generation who got through it. Always being a process of improvement on their lives and environment. And knowing all this in advance, the Mayans left their message engraved in stone for the future generations, in the form of seven prophecies, which although are a warning, but also a message of hope. It’s is clear on this message that the end has not yet written, and it deeply depends on the decision we will make at times like we are going to face in 2012.
As a proof of their abilities to predict the future is that when the Spaniard conquers arrived to their land, the Mayans were prepared, this...

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