Proportional Representation Voting Should Be Enforced In Democratic States

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The concept of representation in a political state that
embraces a democratic system is determined by its capability to include
a plurality of views when creating legislation. Election systems in a
democratic government should, thus, aid and enforce
the proportional representation of most politically active members of
the state. As depicted by the International Institute
for Democracy and Election Assistance (IDEA), “The purpose of an
election is to translate the freely expressed political will
of the people into a workable representative institution […] a
government (i) must accurately represent the population and
(ii) must be able to govern effectively.”(IDEA) These premises of a
democratic institution establish an alienation to the
discriminatory aspects of some election systems. Hence, to the
question “what type of electoral system should governments
use in selecting their representatives?”, two positions that foster
dissimilar methods may be taken. The first one stipulates
the creation of a majority government through a simple plurality
system, whereas the second stresses the representation of
significantly supported groups by proportionally representing the
nation’s populace. In order to ensure the previously mentioned
premises of a democracy, the ladder system should be used when
selecting representatives in a state. This provides a better
balance of power which, through the application of the proportional
representation electing system, is equally dispersed through
the nation’s populace, guaranteeing the separation of discrimination
from a democratic state.

A true “democratic foundation should ensure [that] leaders are
adequate representatives of a clear majority, instead of a
[selected few]” (Lichtenheld). Hence, to ensure the legitimacy of a
democratic nation, the political state should be built
upon the assorted population’s interests. The process of election is
paramount on the creation of a democratic state; however
not all systems of elections ensure the conservation of democratic
principles. The simple Plurality system used within the
United States fosters only two political parties due to the
winner-take-all process involved in it. Votes casted towards different
political parties seldom affect the outcome of the election and have no
significance whatsoever on United State’s government.
This was most notorious “in the elections of 1994 for the U.S House of
Representatives [where] more than 26 million Americans
wasted their votes on losing candidates, and so came away from the
voting booth with no representation” (Douglas). The plurality
system used within United States only...

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