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As an Arab(Muslim) living in the US, I perfectly recognize what it is to be a member of a minority group. However, I am quite intrigued by the idea of studying the Chinese Christian subculture within the United States. This project will involve studying existing literature on the given subculture – which is Chinese Christian community within the US. In most cases, subcultures are closed knit and members like associating with members of their communities; understandably because of the need to belong and find closeness with one another. Nonetheless, Christianity amongst Chinese immigrants in the United States brings forth the idea of present-day assimilation, religious conversion, and so ...view middle of the document...

America is a super power that not only boasts of military might but also cultural influence on various cultures across the globe. While it seems to have had little success cutting through the cultural practices in China, it appears that Chinese Immigrants embrace the American Culture when they move from China into the US. I will seek to understand and learn more on how the assimilation process works on immigrants within the US – from the perspective of Chinese Christian students who will be my primary respondents for the research. Yang (1999) has written extensively on this subculture highlighting various aspects of their lives and being assimilated and embracing Christianity. His views will be mentioned extensively in the Textual Artifact section of the research study. Apart from him, other experts have oft pointed out that Christianity in China is considered a religion of the West. Those who practice the religion are considered rebels by family members and the society alike.
By studying and trying to...

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