Proposal For A Coal Mining Project

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Executive Summary

The proposal for coal mining project might be very deceiving, since it yields very huge revenue for the country. It creates employment opportunities for the people in the mining area. But coal mining pose a great threat to the civilization in the mining area.
 Coal mining pollutes the environment by releasing carbon dioxide in the air.
 Noise pollution.
 Effect on marine life.
 Health issues for the human beings.
 Traffic issues.
 The community is scared of its dangerous results.
It has a great threat to have a coal mining facility in comox valley area as most of the people, environment and marine life is affected. My strong proposal is not have coal mining facility in people living area. Although, there is no doubt that mining will generate revenue for government and it will provide jobs to unemployed, which will helpful to improve quality of life. Whereas, it is more harmful because of its outputs.

Mining is one of Canada's most significant monetary divisions and a real employment maker. Coal mining is the oldest established and most important industry of Vancouver Island. Mining helped $52.6 billion to Canada's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2012. It was discovered on the island at Fort Rupert in 1835, Coal was mined intermittently by the Hudson’s Company. But after getting abandoned in 1851, coal mining was moved to Nanaimo and since, New Vancouver Company has been operating mines successfully. These mines provide employment to about 1500 people and are the chief supporter of Nanaimo’s economy.
Coal industry decided make a comeback with BC government proposing Raven Coal Mine near Fanny Bay. The proposed Raven Underground Coal Project was an undertaking of the Comox Joint Venture. The project was locate mainly on private land of around five kilometres and is supposed to remove 44million tone of coal over 20 years. Although, the proposal of raven coal is rejected, however, even if it is not a complete triumph, the dismissal of the Raven proposal is an immense step worth celebrating for community. The great work done by Local government, Citizens of Comox Valley and shellfish growers for standing by for their beautiful future, protesting against the mine’s project in the valley.
In addition, in august, 2013, CEO, Stephen Elis said, it will take about four to six months to reproduce a new application with new attractive offers and rules.
One of the major reason for rejecting this mine proposal by the community of Vancouver Island is that Toxic runoff can affect eco-systems for generations after mine closed down. For instance, a mine operated near Mount Washington, it operated for only four years in the 1960’s and is left behind a 40 years legacy of acid rock drainage issues and a multi-million-dollar taxpayer funded that is still going on today.

This report is organized as follows: Benefits, employment, quality of life, local government...

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