Proposal For A Skate Park In Nacogdoches

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There are about two thousand skate parks in the whole United States, and in contrast to this there are approximately thirteen-million skateboarders in the U.S alone. These are really shocking numbers that the average everyday person wouldn’t know, or care about. But when one of the thirteen million skaters who don’t have a place to skate come and skates in front of their store, suddenly they care. In Nacogdoches this is a real problem, and I have personally observed skaters getting told to leave someplace time and time again. The reason of this problem is that there is no designated place to skateboard in Nacogdoches, such as a skate park. Skaters have a tendency to find one particular place they like, and once they find this place they will skate it a lot. And something everyone knows about the excessive use of things is, whether you like it or not at some point in the process of skating something; somewhere, get broke.
There has never been any attempt, whatsoever to get a skate park here in Nacogdoches. This is the reason why there are so many skaters out at night skateboarding on the public sidewalks. This is also presents a problem for the police because there are many places that are great for skating, but are restricted by city ordinances. However, there is always some zealous skater who will brave it and end up getting hurt, or worst end up in jail. Most police put skater under a stereotype, where they assume all skaters are punks. Needless to say this is wrong, there are many skaters who may not have done anything wrong, but because there a skater the police force their authoritarian will upon them. To people who skate it’s just as much a sport to them as football, basketball or basket ball is to others.
It may be a little more extreme, but the satisfaction of pulling a jump on a skate board for the first time is just as fulfilling as someone’s first touchdown or homerun. I will not deny it is bad when you have younger kids staying out late at night to skate. This not only puts them in a bad place but gives them plenty of opportunities to break the law or be mistaken for doing something that they may not have done, but at the time there the one taking the blame. There are many respectable skaters who love to skate and don’t do anything wrong. But there are also irresponsible skaters, who care whether or not they mess something up or break it.
For all these reasons I think that if there was to be a skate park built here in Nacogdoches it would greatly alleviate many of these problems. People are going to skate whether people like it or not. But with a skate park, the community would have more control over were these people do there skating. As well as this it would allow the parents of their younger skaters to not have to worry as much about were their child is. The park would be new and clean, in addition it would provide a safe environment to skate in. Moreover it would help attract people to come...

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