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Proposal For Cutting Operational Expense Essay

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Artemis Sportswear Company is a company that sells every type of sports wear from the head bands to the shoes on your feet. The company has experienced a steady yearly increase; however, the company is still looking for ways in which they can improve their profit line. Their goal is to find ways in which to accomplish this with minimal effect on the workers and productivity.


Artemis Sportswear Company has been in existence for six years. During this time the company has been fortunate enough to experience a profitable gain. However, in a market plagued with increased competition, tight budgets and strict regulations, that may not be the case this year if changes are not made. With the economy being in the state that it is, there have been rumors of a pending recession.

Trying to be a proactive company, Artemis Sportswear in now trying to find ways in which it can cut back on some of its’ expenses yet still maintain a yearly profit. In looking for ways to cut back the company decided to enlist the help of outsiders to show ways in which it could meet its; goals. After all Artemis is in the business to make money.
By making a comparison of past sales history, looking at previous, current and projected business plans and budgets one can obtain some since of what is happening.

The company now realizes that the majority of its money is being used in its day to day function, also known as “operational costs”. Knowing this information, the company can now find and make the adjustment that need to be made to its’ operational expenses and possibly allocate these excess funds to other area of the business that will be more profitable.


Operational expenses are expenses in the form of salaries paid to employees, money spent on developing the company, and research activities. In order to formulate a proposal for a sportswear company, these expenses have to be considered. In other words, the company’s budget has to be clear, cost effective, and the goal specific.


When it comes down to Management, a company’s daily expenses are more

often overlooked by small businesses. They are more focused on getting the product out

by its deadline and forget that the companies expenses are sky-rocketing on a daily basis.

The first suggestion would be to think frugal. Being frugal allows you to use

generic brand office supplies, where you would still get the same great quality as a name

brand supplies, but at a cheaper price. Leasing equipment gives us the option to upgrade

or download technology based on the company’s need of it at that given time. The

company could also purchase furniture from a retail supply store that receives furniture

from small businesses that no longer exist.

The second suggestion would be to negotiate with the phone service to include

phone, long distance, fax and internet into one set payment per...

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